5 Must-Know Tips for Cruising on Liberty of the Seas

royal caribbean liberty of the seas tips
The rock climbing wall is one of the many activities you'll find onboard. - Photo by Royal Caribbean

Whether you’ve just booked a cruise on Liberty of the Seas, which sails from Galveston, Texas, or you’re still in the searching stage, you’re going to want to read these top tips for the ship — straight from our own members who have sailed her.

1. For a lot of people, the beverage package is worth it. 

beverages drinks liberty of the seas tips
Photo by Royal Caribbean

A number of members made a point to mention that the drink package was well worth it for them, and not just because they were drinking alcohol the whole time. On top of wine, beer, and cocktails, the beverage package includes a myriad of hot and cold drinks like specialty coffees, milkshakes at Johnny Rockets, soda, and water bottles. 

“If you plan on drinking more than a few drinks, buying the drink package is a must. You'll be thankful for it!” - mustang68 (read review)

“I think the drink package is totally worth it. No honestly we probably didn't drink as much as what we paid but the ease of not having to keep track of how much you drink.. and we are not real big drinkers but i think we got our money's worth not only can you get all the drinks you want it also includes the cokes and it also includes the coffee from the cafe shop on the promanade deck which i took full advantage of.. I think i drank at least 2 or 3 frappes a day.” - k3whiskers (read review)

“If you get the Unlimited Beverage package, make sure you take advantage of the coffee shop in the promenade. Lattes, espresso, and frozen coffee beverages were excellent and are included in that package.” - jaycolbert (read review)

“Buy the Unlimited Drink pass - so worth it! Unlimited alcohol (beer, wine, frozen drinks, mimosas, etc.), unlimited Specialty coffee (Starbucks), unlimited pop and water bottles (great for port days), also get free shakes from Johnny Rockets." - alliemccormickk (read review)

"I also recommend the deluxe drink package if you plan to have at least 4-5 drinks per day. This drink package includes specialty coffees on the Promenade as well!” - christinaaroman (read review)


2. Don’t miss the ice show - and be sure to go ice skating yourself!

royal caribbean ice skating show
Photo by Royal Caribbean

When Royal Caribbean debuted ships with ice skating rinks, it was another amenity that no one ever dreamed would one day be found on a cruise ship. Not only are ice shows performed there by professional skaters throughout the sailing, but the rink opens up at different times for passengers to do some laps, too. Members said that the ice show is well worth checking out, and to go skating yourself, too. 

“Do not miss the ice show and make sure to visit deck 14, amazing view, quiet spot for a drink before or after dinner.” - gloriaandy421 (read review)

“Get to the ice show at least 30 minutes early for the best seats, even if you have reserved seats.” - Wildbill (read review)

“The ice rink is nice. If you're interested, it's available in 30 minute increments and you need to get a color card to go in at a designated time. So go early. Go outside on deck 4, forward, up the stairs to deck 5, forward for a really nice view.” - dwalkerhughes (read review)

"Bring close toed shoes for pickle ball and long pants for ice skating.” - camnvic (read review)

“Don’t miss the ice show. It’s usually offered 3 or 4 times per sailing because it’s so popular.” - 1ynna (read review)


3. Go over the Compass to see what’s happening each day.

royal caribbean surfing flowrider compass newsletter
Photo by Royal Caribbean

The Compass is Royal Caribbean’s daily newsletter, which details the day’s activities, entertainment, and hours of operation for different amenities and venues. It’s delivered to travelers’ cabins the night before so there’s plenty of time to plan out the day. Members advised future Liberty of the Seas passengers to pay attention to the Compass and use it to see what activities are happening around the ship. At any given time there are always multiple things going on, so highlighting the ones you don’t want to miss also helps.

“Be sure and look at the activities page print out everyday. Its called the compass. There is ton of things to do on the boat.” - Troko (read review)

"Whether it's your first time on the ship or repeat, get there early and walk every deck to get familiar with the ship. Get your Cruise Compass spring highlighter to highlight the activities you want to do and keep it with you." - JBlanchard77 (read review)

“Peruse your Cruise Compass that is left in your room for the next day so you don't miss out on anything that you would be interested in.” - jbanana64 (read review)

“Pay attention to the Compass. It really helps you plan your day. I was expecting the cruise director to be a little bit more available in telling us things daily, but did not feel I got that service as expected, so the compass was my cruise director instead.” - ADeeva (read review)

“Make sure to look at your daily planner the night before and plan out what you want to do so that you don't miss out on anything.” - GabbieRocha (read review)


4. If you want to be near the included dining venues, pick a cabin towards the aft.

royal caribbean liberty of the seas main dining room restaurant
Photo by Royal Caribbean

Multiple members noted that the ship’s complimentary dining venues, like the Windjammer Marketplace buffet and main dining room, are at the ship’s aft. If you want easy access to food from your cabin without paying extra for it, you might want to avoid booking towards the front of the ship.

“Included restaurants are at the back of the ship, so I’d probably pick a room closer to the back next time so as not to have to walk the full length of the ship for every meal.” -kfanchier323 (read review)

“I would advise to good a room in the middle of the ship. We were in the forward section and it was long way from any of the food. We did have a short wall to the pool, but we found ourselves frustrated by the distance to the restaurants in the rear of the ship.” - Katie75009 (read review)

"Aft cabins are most convenient." - FrednMom (read review)


5. Do self-assist debarkation.

galveston texas cruise port liberty of the seas
Photo by Port of Galveston

It’s no secret that on most cruise lines, choosing self-assist is usually the easiest and quickest way to debark and get on your way. This means that you are carrying all of your own suitcases and bags off the ship yourself, and not putting any outside your cabin the night before to be picked up in the terminal once you get off. Members specifically recommend doing this on Liberty of the Seas, because the debarkation and customs process can be particularly long and tedious in Galveston. It goes much quicker if you don’t have to search for your suitcase among a sea of other suitcases in the terminal.

“Don't tag your bags at the end of trip. Self carry was much faster and easy to do. Unless you don't mind waiting for hours.” - picouzy (read review)

“Definitely do the self disembarkment if you can. The other members of our group sent their bags ahead and waiting until their number was called... they were 2.5 hrs behind us.” - Aggie903 (read review)

“If you carry off your luggage, go to the staging area as soon as possible and get in line. If you wait until your "assigned" time, you will have a long wait to depart the ship. It appeared no one followed the schedule on our sailing.” - 5232emop (read review)

"Do self assist disembarkation - quick and easy." - cldegaugh (read review)


Other Notable Tips

royal caribbean liberty of the seas sabor dining
Photo by Royal Caribbean

“Make sure to sign the activity waivers on the RCI website before you board, you'll save a ton of time. There's a volume control know on your desk in the cabin. you can turn it on to hear the announcements normally heard in the hallway.” - Tonyw (read review)

“The cantilevered adult hot tubs can be pretty full during the day, but if you go while most of the people on board are at dinner (usually around 7:00-9:00) they will typically be fairly empty. Also, if you go to deck 4 and take a walk outside, you can get to the very front of the ship and stand right at the prow! If you are a fan of the movie Titanic, you can easily recreate that famous scene where Rose is 'flying'.” MrsHill376 (read review)

"The First Night Done Right is a great deal!" - moichelle (read review)

“If you are handicapped, go to the service desk and ask for assistance. My husband is blind, and they provided him with an attendant that brought a wheelchair and took us off the ship, through customs,and to our pick up destination. Very nice people.” - darlene10 (read review)

“Book as much as you can in advance, excursions, extras, dining-we missed out on the murder mystery dinner bc it was full.” - bestiethelma (read review)

“If you like the more expensive coffee's get the coffee card, it is a good deal!” - jjmcnames (read review)

“Large slides and flowRider have strict hight and weight restrictions. Some kids were very disappointed to find they could not ride. Be sure to check the restrictions and prepare them. The kids slide, however, is better than the large slides...just a bit shorter.” - dquince (read review)

“Go to the Love and Marriage activity it'll make you want to pee from so much laughing you're going to do.” - scervts (read review)

"Interior rooms that look out over the promenade are great deals and you get a view!" - HunterKing90 (read review)

“The digital information screens near the elevators on each floor are very helpful in keeping you up on what activities are available and where they are located. Also some of the decks are separated and will require crossing the ship on a different deck to reach.” - VirtualCameron (read review)

“Staff at the Schooner bar was excellent and Silviu mixed us his own cocktails when we asked for something different, which were great. He also makes a great tasting Chocolate Martini that looks like a work of art.” - ron63

“If you have kids definitely have them at least try the kids program. If they are outgoing or even shy they all love the games and experience.” - careyedmunds (read review)


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