About Us

Why are we here?

Finding the right cruise is complex. Cruiseline.com is here to de-mystify the process. Whether you're interested in finding the right cruise line, destination or ship, we will provide you with unbiased opinions from fellow cruisers to help you make your decision. Cruiseline.com also provides a social platform for cruisers to ask and answer questions and get to know each other before upcoming cruises.

What sets Cruiseline.com apart?

We guarantee the authenticity of thousands of verified cruise reviews for our community members – that means real reviews by real people. Verified reviews come from our five cruise agency partners, and provide an authentic pool of knowledge and experience for members to delve into. Whether you are a couple or family, we also make it simple to find reviews from other cruisers that are similar to you.

Passionate about creating an honest community for cruisers, Faraz Qureshi, general manager of Cruiseline.com, says:

Consumers are looking for objective recommendations to help with choosing a cruise, specifically from travelers with similar interests. We want to be that trusted resource for the cruising community.

Faraz Qureshi

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The Cruiseline.com team is headquartered in New York City.