About us

Our story

Finding the perfect cruise is not an easy task. Travelers have to pick an itinerary with ports worth visiting, figure out which cruise line matches their style, and then select a single ship from dozens of options, keeping in mind that even ships from the same line can be dramatically different in terms of price and overall quality. And as if those aren’t enough choices to make, some ships have over twenty different types of cabins to choose from! We set out to simplify this complicated process and help people make the best choice with helpful search features and a variety of content from an authentic community of cruisers.

Cruiseline.com was launched in December of 2012 by a scrappy team of engineers, designers, and cruise experts working out of a tiny office in Midtown Manhattan. In the past eight years, our site has grown from a small cruise review site to a one-stop shop for all things cruising with over 200,000 member reviews, quality editorial content, a vibrant community of experienced sailors. On top of all that, our mobile app Shipmate was voted "Best Cruise App", and has been downloaded over two million times. To keep up with our rapid pace of growth, our team has expanded to 14 members working out of New York, Florida, California, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington.

Our purpose

Cruiseline.com is a place where everyone from first-time cruisers to seasoned sailors can find their dream vacation with the help of verified reviews, user photos, professional editorial content, advanced search features, and a friendly community waiting to answer any cruise-related question you might have.

Features & content

Simplifying the complicated process of finding and booking a cruise has always been at the heart of our mission, and every feature on Cruiseline.com is designed to make the research process as easy as possible.

Verified Reviews: Learn from the successes (and mistakes) of other cruisers who have already sailed on the ships you’re interested in. Our collection of detailed user reviews make it easy to see what other cruisers had to say about every aspect of their cruise experience, from the onboard dining, service, and entertainment to the ports they visited along the way. We work with major travel agencies to bring in "verified" reviews so you can trust that any review with this tag was written by an actual cruiser who sailed on that ship.

User Photos: Want to know if the cabin you’re about to book has a good view, or if the onboard specialty restaurants are worth the extra price? Check out our cabin and venue reviews to help you find the best places to stay and eat on board.

Professional Advice: We love to hear from our users, but we also have plenty of our own opinions. Our 500+ pieces of engaging editorial content cover everything you’ll need to know before you set sail.

Cruise Search: Want to find the cheapest option for a 4-night Caribbean cruise in September? What about the best deal on a balcony cabin for an Alaska cruise sailing out of Seattle? Use our cruise search to find a ship that fits your budget and needs.

Forum: If you can’t find the answers to your cruise questions, try asking our helpful community of experienced cruisers in the forum.

Roll Calls: Believe it or not, you can actually start meeting your fellow passengers before you step foot on the ship. Our roll calls make it easy to meet new friends, ask questions, plan group excursions, and share your excitement with your fellow shipmates as you count down the days before your cruise.

Our expertise

Our team is full of experienced and passionate cruisers, but our true knowledge comes from our massive database of over 200,000 cruise reviews. Fake reviews are a legitimate problem on plenty of major websites, but we’re able to fully guarantee the authenticity of over 70% of our reviews because of our unique partnerships with major cruise travel agencies like CruisesOnly, Cruises.com, and more.

When cruisers who book from one of our partners return from a cruise, they receive a unique link to our review form asking them to share their experience with us. We confirm via booking number and other data that this reviewer did in fact sail on the cruise they are reviewing. Once they submit their review, we mark it "verified" with this icon so you can trust this review.

We use this review data across our site to help you find the perfect cruise to suit your own unique tastes and style. The accuracy and authenticity of our review data is of the utmost importance to us, and while we do have relationships with cruise lines, it does not impact our collection or interpretation of review data.

Our community

Our community has grown to over 800,000 members who regularly submit photos and reviews of their latest cruises experiences. When they’re not at sea, you can find them chatting in our forums or getting excited for their upcoming sailings in our roll calls. Between posting helpful responses to beginner questions and providing the review data that determines every score and rating you see on our site, our community is our most valued asset.