1447 Allure of the Seas Tips


Sep 21, 2016

Buy your drink and internet packages before boarding. They can be very expensive if buying on board.


Jun 02, 2015

Sun rises are beautiful if you have a balcony room on the right side of the ship, and are beginning in the Port of Civitavecchia, heading south, towards Naples. My family on the left side of the ship were unable to see the beauty as we did.


Jan 07, 2015

You need to make reservation for all dining and most of the reviews. If not you can expect waiting time and some frustration.


Oct 25, 2014

chops grille is amazing, have eaten there about 5 times on this ship and other RC ships. food spectacular. ate at Giovanni's for the first time. enjoyed very much, great service. I can't eat spicy food and the water was great about that putting sauces on the side, also at Chops.


Aug 14, 2014

Don't try to eat in the Windjammer buffet on Embarkation Day. It is way too crowded and there is a long line. Eat in Sorrento's Deck 5or one of the other eateries like the Wipe Out on Deck 15.


Jun 12, 2013

Have the roast beef sandwich in Park Place Cafe and the carrot bread in the International Cafe. Don't forget the zipline!!!!


May 03, 2013

Buffets were a good choice when you are feeding a family with small children.


Oct 13, 2014



Jul 19, 2014

Just explore this ship and be amazed.


Jul 26, 2014

The Windjammers restaurant is best before 9:30 am no lines. After 9:30 am you will run into long lines but wait time is around 5 minutes. All other restaurants have no lines. If you choose anytime dinning call the reservation line before 4:00 pm to make reservations down on the wait time.


Sep 22, 2014

On embarkation, avoid the Windjammer and enjoy the Park Café. Really great build your own salads and the Roast Beef Sandwiches are to die for.


Jul 02, 2016

Buy drink package and internet service prior to boarding. Royal seems to have pre-boarding promotions for these two items. Also try to book excursions prior to trip or the moment you get onboard because the lines can get long fast.


Aug 20, 2017

We loved eating breakfast and lunch at the solarium!! The food was great and the lines were short. The windjammer was a little crowded around meal times.


Sep 15, 2017

The ship is big take the first day to get to know locations of important places.


Aug 16, 2017

Make sure you have booked your dining and shows well in advance, excursions also sell out quickly.


Oct 11, 2017

Enjoy every day. We stayed up late and woke up early to be able to savor every moment.


Oct 19, 2017

Big ship, but if you plan ahead and take the first day to explore it's nooks and crannies, you'll have no trouble doing everything you want and finding spaces for yourself. Oh, the running track around deck 5 is a great place to walk or jog and gather your thoughts. Enjoy!!


Nov 08, 2017

Where to start?? Even walking from one place to another was stunning. Not just walking in hallways, the amazing promenade..... Try and Do it all!!! Even tho that's almost impossible.


Dec 30, 2017

My spouse and i forgoed the drink package amd saved. There was alot of placed to get a cup of water amd tea. They even had to go cups for tea. It is possible to still enjoy the cruise without a drink package. We did you our onboard credits if we wanted a drink or soda. We did have two martinies drinks for 36.00.....so be expecting to pay about that much.


Mar 29, 2018

Eat breakfast in one of the many alternative locations, and avoid the Windjammer as much as possible.

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