1319 Norwegian Getaway Tips


Jan 27, 2015

Watch Joel's morning show on the TV and read the daily bulletin so you won't miss anything. Make your reservations for the shows, Legally Blonde, Burn the Floor, or Illusarium. If you eat at Moderno, bring your appetite and go a little easy on the abundant creative salad bar so yo


Jan 31, 2015

Book entertainment befor you leave home. Pay restaurants are NOT worth the upcharges. I have been on other ships in the past that were worth the upcharges, not here!


Feb 19, 2015

The Flamingo diningroom was the best . I love the way you could have dinner and dance my husband couldn't say he was to tired to take me out to dance.


Aug 04, 2015

Recommend breakfast at the Flamingo Grill, it is a nice quiet area, small buffet with nice choices. The pool area gets extremely busy, hard to find chairs together, so if you want a nice relaxing area, buy into Vibe, I did not and regretted it.


Dec 02, 2014

We were mid ship deck 11 and it was perfect location .


Dec 09, 2014

Adults use that water feature in the Spice lounge area during the day! My husband and I went up there and everyone was laying out but no-one was in the water feature. We loved it!


Nov 10, 2014

On embarkation day, you do not need to dress up for the specialty restaurants. We went to Cagney's that night, and loved it so much, we went again a few days later. If you can, book one of The Haven suites. Well worth the extra cost -- many, many amenities, starting with priority boarding...


Feb 21, 2014

the Taste and the Savor restaurants stop serving breakfast at 9:30 watch for onboard specials . take your tea or coffee to your table to finish preparing it as it holds up the coffee line


Apr 04, 2014

Avoid the st john beach/snorkel break. You spend lots of time on lines and on the boat waiting for other cruisers from other boats. The time on the actual beach itself is amazing but way too short 60 mins. for a whole day event. Book your trips early as well as reservations at specialty restauran


Mar 28, 2014

My tip on every cruise is to stay away from the buffet whenever you can. They are always crowded and the food is marginal. Go to the main dining rooms for breakfast and lunch, not near as crowded and much better food. The Ice Bar was OK, but probably not worth the cost. We had a very pleasant evening sitting outside the mojito bar. Have fun! I highly recommend the Getaway!


Apr 18, 2014



May 09, 2014

This ship is only 2 months old. It was lovely, clean and had a very good stabilizer system. You hardly knew you were on a ship. I actually purchased a coupon to travel again on this cruise line within the next 4 years. I'm going to travel again this year. I really loved everything about this ship.


May 12, 2014

Had lunch and breakfast on the lido but bought the dinning package and used it every night. We'll worth the price.


May 14, 2014

Make sure you read the daily schedule. The first couple days onboard we did not read them and saw we missed a few activities that we wanted to do. We made sure we read them every day after that to know what was going on.


May 19, 2014

At the evening buffett you can have your steak cooked to order!


Jun 06, 2014

for a great snack,go to sharkey, they will serve you at the bar or restaurnat area, also for take out if you wish to have a snack in your room. the food choice is excellent, for for a few hours of the 24 hours they are open you can get lobster tails or a prime rib dinner. great food


Jun 06, 2014

You have options for eating. There is a Cafe which is very large and the serve food all day long. It is where most people with children ate but we ate there often as well. There are several other restaurants for a sit down breakfast, lunch or dinner and there are specialty restaurants.


Jun 13, 2014

Go to the pool and grab lounge chairs early. This are taken pretty fast.


Jun 16, 2014

Buy the Vibe pass for the private sundeck if you want some peace and quiet with your pina colada!

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