952 Norwegian Sky Tips


Aug 21, 2014

Go early for food or entertainment. Good seating runs out fast... Bring a watch or clock to stay on time if your not using your cell.


Aug 24, 2014

Definitely go to a lido for breakfast and the Italian restaurant for your omelette and waffle. Get off the ship early for the private island and rent the cabana. Atlantis is overrated unless your staying there.


Sep 05, 2014

Go to the rear buffet for breakfast, shorter lines. Also, try the daily drink specials! They were amazing!


Sep 05, 2014

Buffet is the way to go. In and out and easily accessible


Sep 14, 2014

The best breakfast is on the top deck in the back of the ship.


Sep 14, 2014

Pool deck 11 garden buffet is the fastest buffet lines anytime of day..talk to the staff they are very friendly and like the conversations with the guest.


Sep 21, 2014

The dining room was very nice and less crowded than the buffet, with better food.


Sep 23, 2014

Enjoyed the freestyle dining...wouldn't want to do it any other way


Oct 02, 2014

You have to try Cagney's, it's the best dinner I've ever had and it won't ever be forgotten!


Oct 04, 2014

enjoy breakfast..best meal of the day


May 04, 2014

Bring extra money to this trip to cover yourself. Although you think you will not have to spend money, you do. gratuity was taken out per day from your account. That is per person. Have fun and try to take advantage of one of the specialty restaurants.


Nov 07, 2013

A very friendly, efficient, and easy ship to get from place to place w/o difficulty. Some of the other ships are much too large and more difficult to find your way to various areas.


Oct 27, 2014

The waverunner tour around Great Stirrup was worth the bucks.


Nov 06, 2014

Really good omlettes and friendly staff.


Dec 02, 2014

The balcony stateroom is well worth the cost. It added an additional level of enjoyment to the cruise. It increased the level of relaxation. Port side does not necessarily mean you will be facing land when the ship docks.


Jan 06, 2015

Get a stateroom in the midship section


Feb 05, 2015

Do the upgraded dinning plans. It's worth it.


Feb 16, 2015

The hot tub at the front of the boat is usually empty, and not everyone knows about. Its their best kept secret.

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