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Oct 11, 2016

Take advantage of the NextCruise offer onboard if you are looking forward to cruise again soon.


Jan 08, 2017

If you want a new large ship with upgraded everything then go!!! Dont let the amount of passengers scare you...... you really wont notice. Do drink package and check into specialty dining if you like to dress up and be treated as such. Otherwise you will have shorts and t shirts next to you:(


Oct 10, 2017

As soon as we got onboard, we went to Guest Services to get a pass to the Vibe (19th deck private bar area). Guest Services directed us to Headliners Comedy Club for tickets. It was the best money spent on the cruise! They only sell 70 tickets to this area for $99 each. With that, you have a guaranteed lounge chair, bar service (cocktails, afternoon cookies, ice water, fruit skewers and fun bartenders), a private hot tub, misters and cooling shower. The regular pool (only one on the boat) was crowded and looked like human soup.


Apr 10, 2018

Make your dinner, show and excursion reservations before the cruise!!! The only thing we had to book on the ship was the Escape the Big Top. We took care of everything else two months before the cruise. Can't believe people get upset about not getting a reservation when they wait until they get on the ship.


May 10, 2018

Be prepared to be personally greeted daily by a thousand friendly and smiling NCL staff members.


May 10, 2018

Bring some singles! Tips are included, but the staff members work so hard & are so pleasant! They truly appreciate it when you give them a little extra, even $1.


Aug 07, 2018

Avoid the “Adult Pool” it’s a frat party for those who never got to go to one. Avoid the Manhattan Room.., it’s where they go to feed.


Oct 03, 2018

Take packing cubes or folding baskets because there are no drawers to organize belongings on shelves.


Oct 10, 2018

If you are interested in the spa, but do not want to pay for the whole week, you can pay about $68 on any of the days you are in port. If there is a day you are not very interested in being off of the ship for a large portion of the day, I felt that this was well worth the money to spend 6+ hours in the thermal spa instead! :)


May 09, 2018

Investigate what is available onboard long before your cruise. And book your restaurants in advance whenever possible. The library is a great quiet space for reading - and they have daily crossword puzzles, trivia games and Sudoku for those so inclined.


Mar 19, 2018

The biggest complaint on the ship has to be the pool chairs. I have seen towels on chairs at 7 am. Even though there are notices that they will confiscate items left after an hour, everyone knows it's not enforced. The suggestion to build cubbies for towels and shoes was excellent. No more saving chairs, if you are not in one, its free for another. I hope they implement it!


Nov 06, 2017

The waterfront promenade was largely unused. We never had a hard time finding a couch to hang out and watch the sea go by... The offer free self-serve soft-serve ice cream in the Garden Cafe... Yum! If you are in the Haven, and you dine out at a specialty restaurant - you can send your dessert to your cabin to have later if you're too full. All of the specialty restaurants will arrange for your butler to deliver your dessert to your room. Also in the Haven - all of the pay per view movies are free. If you don't like the crowds at the pool every day and having to fight to find a lounge chair, I recommend either buying a pass to Vibe Beach club for the week (a private - members-only such deck at the top of the ship with a private bar. You'll ever have to search for a lounge chair or run for a drink while there...) OR get yourself a spa suite or a spa pass for the week. The heated tile lounge chairs are very relaxing and you have complementary infused water and teas while there. A good place to get out of the crowds and relax.


Nov 04, 2017

I can't imagine spending a vacation on this ship and not loving it. I was on Royal Caribbean before, and was skeptical about trying a different line. We are thrilled that we tried Norwegian, and definitely plan to return ASAP! The best time to swim is after 5 pm. The pool areas are nearly empty then. I would highly recommend this cruise ship to anyone considering it!


Oct 02, 2017

If you are a non-smoker, this may bother you with the area where they have smoking. Right in the middle of the ship where the main pool is and next to the children's water play area. Nasty!


Sep 13, 2017

Try to be the happiest you can ! Be nice and respectful to everyone and you'll be treated with respect !


Mar 20, 2017

If you can, board early. Register kids for Splash Academy right away. Use a lanyard for room key. Have an extra credit type card for the room key light. (We used a Holiday Inn room key. )


Oct 23, 2016

Have an adults only non smoking cruise.


Sep 24, 2016

Don't get on any ship with a pre expectation, you are only setting yourself up for a down fall.. Let the ship reveal itself to you, if there is a negative event that takes place, put it on paper and make it known to the Hotel Director, then move on and do not focus on it. You only have 7 days.


Jun 14, 2016

Absolutely do not forget to go to the very top of the ship (19th deck...maybe?), where you'll find spacious sunning areas and two large hot tubs that never seemed to be used. Considering the ship holds 4500 plus or minus passengers, it was very odd but delightful to find this area "uninhabited".


Jan 02, 2016


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