387 Grand Princess Tips


Jan 10, 2014

Replace mattresses or put topper on them


Feb 02, 2014

I found easier to just do the buffets since quality of fine, many selections and staff attentive and chefs good spirited. Varied from day to day fine. Ship decor noting special. Key I have found on all Princess ships, not enough bathrooms for older people. Hard to find them, so often an emergency.


Feb 02, 2014

Did the Lido for most of my meals to keep it simple. Overall interesting trip but one of few Americans, was both 95% Brit and the mid age was 68, mine but felt more like a floating senior center which, indeed, it was. On two week cruises you generally find few younger passengers due to cost too.


Feb 09, 2014

we had a wonderfull time on board


Feb 09, 2014

Take anytime dining and go to dinner early (~5:30). The production shows (SHOWTIME) usually start at 7:00 pm.


Mar 10, 2014

The breakfast buffet is very substantial. Keep your choices simple and you won't be disappointed.


Mar 11, 2014

did not do any ship excursions or have to deal with kids


Mar 16, 2014

Try the same 15 day cruise out of LA as long as it's not the Grand Princess. It might be a little better.


Apr 01, 2014

The lido deck for food was better than the dining rooms


Jun 08, 2014

With the exception of Tracy Arm Fjord that we didn't see even though it's in the name of the trip, the excursions we took were good.


Jun 11, 2014

Watch the Movies Under The Stars. Very cool!


Jun 28, 2014

Princess offers to give you your boarding pass and deliver your luggage directly to the airline for $20 per person. You don't see your luggage from the time you put your luggage out into the hallway until you arrive home. Got through the off-boarding process in 30 minutes! Loved it.


Jun 29, 2014

I had no complaints about the ship, it took awhile to get our bearings straight, then it was a 'piece of cake'...


Jul 05, 2014

The Horizon Court at any time is readily available for breakfast lunch or dinner; as a matter of fact we chose it as compared to our purchase of the Anytime Dinning as an option.


Jul 21, 2014

Cost way to much to get one of the many rooms that were experiencing wet floors. We used hall ways to get from one end of the boat to the other. Not part of the time but every time you walked down a hall way you saw big fans set out to dry up water. Thank the Lord we did not get one of those rooms!


Aug 07, 2014

Didn't care for the dining room for breakfast, usually did room service or the buffet. The buffet is great for lunch, love how they have a theme each day. And we ate in the dining rooms most night, like getting dressed for dinner


Aug 29, 2014

Lido deck has best food with shorter time required. Was not impressed with the specialty dining areas.


Jun 03, 2016

stay away from the cabins on Lido deck forward, the ship's bridge will block your view ahead

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