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Nov 25, 2021

One advise I would give is go to the specialty restaurant at least once but I would recommend at least twice. The food is exceptional and the service is outstanding.

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Oct 29, 2021

Right now capacity is low so be prepared to be the center of attention of the staff 😉 They are so happy to be cruising and working again.

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Oct 15, 2021

This was a unique cruise because it was less than 50% full. It’s difficult to give advice since it’s my first cruise and don’t have a lot to compare it to. It’s a small enough ship to try everything. I would say try a specialty restaurant at least one or two of the nights to get a slightly better selection of food.

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Oct 06, 2021

For a great view get up to the flybridge, forward deck 15. The sail aways are wonderful with this view.

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Feb 13, 2020

If you're doing the Hawaii cruise on the Grand you need to be aware that it's not all 82 degrees and sunny. It's always cool the first two or three days out of SF and will be again when you get back. You probably will run into a couple instances of rough water. This cruise had more than it's share.

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