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Alfredo's Pizzeria Photo

Alfredo's Pizzeria

Alfredo's Pizzeria, serves complimentary thin crust authentic hand made individual whole pizzas bake...

Botticelli Dining Room Photo

Botticelli Dining Room

(1 Review)

The Botticelli Dining Room is the ship's traditional dining room allowing guests to eat at the same...

Chef's Table  Photo

Chef's Table

The Chef's Table experience provides the chance to tour the ship's busy galley during dinner service...

Da Vinci (Main Dining Room) Photo

Da Vinci (Main Dining Room)

(20 Reviews)

Rich tones, soft lighting, and elegant furniture combine to create a classy dining atmosphere in thi...

Michelangelo (Main Dining Room) Photo

Michelangelo (Main Dining Room)

Grand Princess Michelangelo Dining Room on deck 5 (Plaza) of the ship is open for dinner only betwee...

Prego PIzzeria Photo

Prego PIzzeria

Poolside eatery serving pizza by the slice.

Sabatini Photo


(1 Review)

Sabatini's offers speciality Italian cuisine and premium seafood on an a la carte menu. The three co...

Crown Grill Photo

Crown Grill

(15 Reviews)

Specializing in fresh seafood and juicy steaks grilled to your specific tastes, the Crown Grill Rest...

International Cafe Photo

International Cafe

(13 Reviews)

The International Cafe is only for foreigners... luckily, you are most likely in international water...

Horizon Court Photo

Horizon Court

(12 Reviews)

The Horizon Court restaurant features international cuisine available around the clock, indoor and o...

Sundaes Ice Cream Bar Photo

Sundaes Ice Cream Bar

(9 Reviews)

Bottomless ice cream cones are calling you - don't get a brain freeze!

Trident Grill Photo

Trident Grill

(3 Reviews)

Hungry? Grab a hot dog, hamburger, or whatever floats your cruise boat here at the Trident Grill.

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