55 Costa Luminosa Tips


Nov 14, 2014

if internet access is important be careful!! The wifi charges were extremely expensive but the internet service was VERY slow! Not worth the price at all! And the support when I had problems was non-existent! Try an internet cafe at port!


Jun 18, 2016

If you're an English speaker, just go in with an expectation that there might be a slight language barrier and a different type of service in some situations. It'll help if you've sailed a US flagged boat before.


Dec 28, 2013

Take your camera to dinner at the Restaurant Taurus -- the wait staff has a GREAT show!


Feb 12, 2014

I don't smoke and my family neither but we have to hold the smell to cigarette in all the ship


Mar 23, 2014

Don't expect to eat anywhere but the sit down restaurants. There is no night time buffet and the breakfast and lunch buffets have the same thing every day. No variety in the foods.


Apr 06, 2014

When you go a shore and come back to ship betwen 3:30PM and 5:30 Pm it NO place to eat. Only what is work is PIZZA on the deck. We came back to ship very tired and NO FOOD on the deck and you must wait till you going to your diner at 8:45 PM. Terrible !!!!!!!!!


Jun 21, 2014

Listen VERY carefully to English messages - they are often garbled or too fast to understand among the 4 other languages..


Jan 02, 2015

If you have a error on your bill you will have to go back to service desk many times to get it fixed.


Feb 28, 2015

Don't go on a Costa Cruise line experience.


Mar 22, 2015



Jun 02, 2015

Basically you have to pay for everthing even like a bag of chip. If you plan to have a diet during the cruise, you probably pick the right cruise with Costa.


Jun 22, 2015

Wait for free on-shore Wi-Fi. On board cost is 27 euros per hour AFTER a 3 euro "registration" fee. Common areas are kept VERY clean. Staff constantly polishing.


Jun 30, 2015

Make golf simulator cheaper to use as it's not very best in class and quite expensive to play.


May 18, 2019

Very stable and with a fine climatization ( not noisy and not too cold... )


Jun 01, 2016

Book excursions thru United Cruises or an outside tour company, you will get smaller groups and more personalized tours.


Jun 08, 2016

Ask them prior to the cruise what the evening themes will be so you can bring appropriate dress to join in the fun.


Jun 27, 2017

Bring lots of extra cash for food. Drinks are limited to piss warm water. Food service hours very limited. No free food after 9pm. Over priced drink packages. Br prepared for incredibly short port times.


Jul 04, 2017

It is worth going on the planned excursions.


Aug 09, 2017

Bring your own bottled water. Its hard to come by on the ship. Also, don't expect the dining experience you find on other cruise lines. Costa encourages you to spend more money in their exclusive dining areas to receive the best food. Save your money for the ports of call where the food is amazing.

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