406 Carnival Legend Tips


Jun 03, 2013

At busy buffet times go out to the adult area to eat (unless it's too cold!)


Aug 26, 2011

When playing slot machines be sure that you check out all the info on the machine... some don't pay out the BIG jackpots unless you are playing the maximum on the machine!! Saw a woman who only put in 1 quarter and hit it but didn't get anything because she didn't bet the maximum 3 quarters..If.


Dec 18, 2011

Lido for any meal! Make sure to tip extra at the end...they work hard for you...


Dec 23, 2012

dont go to the casino they do not pay out and make sure you get off at each port cause there isnt hardly anything to do on the ship in the daytime


Dec 19, 2012

Forward is probably quieter for sleepling in. Aft is adjacent to crew's work areas. Look at the deck map and pick your stateroom based on what is above your deck and inboard of your stateroom.


Dec 28, 2012

The Golden Fleece is definitely worth the $35 extra. The quality of the meal and the outstanding service make it memorable part of the cruise.


Jan 18, 2013

get breakfast in room, get a balcony and eat it out there, the Lox and bagels and coffee were great


Jan 30, 2013



Jan 30, 2013



Feb 06, 2013

Not a trip to remember. Ship staff was rude and would not give the passenger the right of way. Too much emphasis on spending money instead of providing the amenities you would expect. Cruise director needs coaching on what people want on a cruise not what he wants to provide. Stay away from Jenn, she is the worst, arrogant and bossy.


Feb 12, 2013

Save your money go on a all inclusive vacation. Way more bang for your buck.


Feb 13, 2013

Take advantage of everything offered on the ship. You won't regret it!


Feb 21, 2013

Lido deck was better for breakfast and lunch. Casino was bad. Rooms were spacious but not clean as should be. Dining room service was not good, nor the food.


Mar 06, 2013

There was plenty of room for everyone to relax. Three of us were in a balcony room with plenty of room for clothes. Stored all suitcases under the beds. Plenty of storage. Lots of lights.


Mar 06, 2013

Go to the Lido deck for all meals


Mar 13, 2013

Do the Chef's dinner - well worth every penny.


Mar 13, 2013

Lido deck meals for breakfast and lunch were the best choice.


Mar 13, 2013

Having a balcony is the greatest.

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