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The Private Club Rest Annex Photo

The Private Club Rest Annex

.A full three-course meal including dessert included in the fare.

Bonsai Sushi Photo

Bonsai Sushi

(4 Reviews)

We've got your fish fix too, right here ready and waiting. Stop by the Carnival Sushi Bar and choose...

Cherry on Top Photo

Cherry on Top

(5 Reviews)

Cherry on Top is where you will find confectionery favorites and more....pick up food and apparel gi...

Deli Photo


(10 Reviews)

Pack that hoagie full of some sliced meats and don't you forget the pickle! Lay off the onion if yo...

Grand Buffet Photo

Grand Buffet

(1 Review)

Stroll around the buffet and explore our many international cuisines and made-to-order options.

Legend's Cafe Photo

Legend's Cafe

(4 Reviews)

Take a break and recharge in style at this European style coffee bar, specializing in premium coffee...

Lido Cafe Photo

Lido Cafe

(5 Reviews)

Ready for a great burger and other varieties of food!

Pizzeria Photo


(6 Reviews)

Grab a slice of your favorite kind of pie here at the pizzeria. This location offers a great altern...

Taste Bar Photo

Taste Bar

(2 Reviews)

.A voyage to new destinations is the perfect time to try new things… and here’s the perfect place: T...

The Golden Fleece Steakhouse Photo

The Golden Fleece Steakhouse

(8 Reviews)

The intimate ambiance and mouth-watering favorites at the Carnival Legend's Golden Fleece Steakhouse...

Truffles Restaurant Photo

Truffles Restaurant

(14 Reviews)

Choose Early (6 p.m.), Late (8:15 p.m.) or Your Time (5:45 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) dining in the Carnival...

Unicorn Cafe Lido Restaurant Photo

Unicorn Cafe Lido Restaurant

(3 Reviews)

Stroll around the buffet and explore our many international cuisines and made-to-order options at th...

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