406 Carnival Legend Tips


Jul 10, 2021

Alaskan cruise is definitely a to do. If u want to do excursions plan to take extra cash as they can be priced on the higher end.


Feb 28, 2021

It's It's great ship. The layout is definitely different than what we are use to.


Aug 19, 2020

Check out the Beachcomber drink at the Redfrog Pub.


Jul 23, 2020

Enjoy the size of the ship it will help you in picking the next ship you sail on


Jul 06, 2020

During the Alaska cruise not many people in the serenity area. Was nice having most of the top deck to ourselves for most of the time when it got colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Jun 23, 2020

Legend is one of the smallest ships of her class so it doesn’t have as many frills as the larger ships but legend can handle her own. She has the nicest crew the best chefs some of the best theater performers. The officers are courteous enough to ask if you are enjoying yourself or how can they make it better.bets advice you will ever get!!!! Here it is. Don’t plan ahead to do this and do that. Don’t set your self expectations that this is going to happen and this is what we need to do. It’s a ride n a beautiful ship for seven days. The only thing you should expect is to get it of bed grab some breakfast go to the serenity pool and jump in the pool lay in the chair and order a bucket full of red stripe and repeat as necessary.


May 06, 2020

This is a smaller ship but doesn’t feel as crowded as the bigger ones.


Mar 19, 2020

Book excursions early and don’t forget insect repellent.


Mar 17, 2020

Take time and explore the ship. For her age she is really well taken care of and has a lot to offer. Check out the piano bar and red frog pub for some super fun night activities.


Mar 16, 2020

Make them check for bed bugs.


Mar 10, 2020

The layout was different and took a little while to get used to, but I like this layout better.


Mar 10, 2020

Make sure they visit the Alchemy Bar! The staff is amazing! We love Jason!


Mar 10, 2020

Book midship. We were in the front of 8 this cruise and we were the furthest point from Truffles Dining room.


Mar 10, 2020

Don’t overpack! Take advantage of the dining room experience as much as possible and the excursions we were on were amazing.


Mar 08, 2020

I really hesitate to say this, but our tip would be to choose another ship and probably another cruise line.


Feb 29, 2020

Circle what you wanna do on the itinerary (pre-plan). Try the escargot at dinner. Also it’s fun to be put on the list to sit with other families at dinner every night.

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