1356 Carnival Dream Tips


Jan 24, 2012

Wear closed-toed shoes and bring bug repellant with you just in case -also drivers license & sunscreen.


Jan 15, 2018

Only advice would be is to DO IT!!! Hubby and I had a ball. We felt like celebrities and made life friends


Mar 07, 2018

Walk carefully through the lido deck buffet areas and have as many soft serve ice cream cones as you can. They are to die for and you won't find ice cream like that again until your next Carnival Cruise.


Mar 20, 2018

Take the stairs, it’s usually more efficient than the elevators and it free exercise to work off the extra calories...lol


Mar 21, 2018

Be prepared to serve your self if you want drinks on the outside decks and in the lounges . Not enough waiters.


Aug 28, 2018

Be patient because there's a lot of people on the ship and know that the people that Serve you on the ship work hard on this ship to help you have a great time. So pack your patience


Sep 19, 2018

Look up your cabin before you book it


May 30, 2017

If you have an opportunity for FTTF get it. We went to Little French Key in Mahogany Bay is a must as well as Mr. Sancho's in Cozumel.


Sep 22, 2017

DONT BUY THE CHEERS PACKAGE!!!! What a rip off! We didn't buy the package to get drunk, but this was our first week off work in 18 years and thought we just didn't want to worry about how much every beverage cost. Problem is there was no alcohol, or very watered down. I am 59 years old and probably only have 1 drink a month when out to dinner, and I can tell I had a drink. I would order a couple drinks in a row and nothing, I ordered two Long Island ice teas' in a row.....nothing!!!


Aug 02, 2017

Relax and have a good time. I did not make any plans to do anything because I just wanted to relax and it could not have been better.


Jan 25, 2017

First day of cruise for lunch go to Pasta Bella, no one really knows it's up there and it's really empty.


Dec 07, 2016

We learned from another passenger that you can order a banana split at dinner even though it's not on the dessert menu - great option.


Dec 07, 2016

Scope out where restrooms are before you plopdown


Dec 30, 2014

go to the fore of the ship on 7 deck 15 minutes before sunset or before sunrise for one of the most beautiful site in Gods creation.


Mar 05, 2020

The dream is a big ship. There was so much to do. We were never bored.


Jul 03, 2013

Eat meals in dining room( great food)!! Get to shows early after dinner.


Jan 02, 2015

Balcony room on 11th floor! Walk right out onto the deck.


May 07, 2013

More things for smaller children to do

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