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Crimson Lounge  Photo

Crimson Lounge

(10 Reviews)

Private dining on Carnival Dream

Deli Photo


(13 Reviews)

Pack that hoagie full of some sliced meats and don't you forget the pickle! Lay off the onion if you...

Mast Grill and Bar Photo

Mast Grill and Bar

(2 Reviews)

The perfect place to grab a quick bite, like burgers and other specialties grilled to order, while...

Mongolian Wok Photo

Mongolian Wok

(41 Reviews)

Eat whatever you like, whenever you like on the Lido deck. Stroll around the buffet and explore our...

Pizzeria Photo


(35 Reviews)

Grab a slice of your favorite kind of pie here at the pizzeria. This location offers a great alterna...

Plaza Cafe Photo

Plaza Cafe

(8 Reviews)

Located in the Ocean Plaza, the Plaza Cafe serves up a variety of coffees and some great sweets, lik...

Scarlet Restaurant Photo

Scarlet Restaurant

(64 Reviews)

Scarlet is one of the two main dining rooms on the Carnival Dream. As expected, it is done in red. A...

Tandoor Photo


(8 Reviews)

Tandoor offers Indian delicacies. Make sure to get the garlic naan. Other dishes include curries, la...

Taste Bar Photo

Taste Bar

(3 Reviews)

The Taste Bar is where you can taste the flavors awaiting you at the dining venues on the ship.

The Chef's Art Steakhouse Photo

The Chef's Art Steakhouse

(22 Reviews)

Chef’s Art Steakhouse is a premium steakhouse-seafood dinner restaurant. Steakhouse’s menu has star...

The Cherry on Top Photo

The Cherry on Top

(12 Reviews)

A cruise is the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet, and Cherry On Top happens to be t...

The Crimson Restaurant Photo

The Crimson Restaurant

(24 Reviews)

A generous variety of culinary pleasures, designed to delight your heart as well as your palate, can...

The Gathering Lido Restaurant Photo

The Gathering Lido Restaurant

(29 Reviews)

The Gathering (Lido Restaurant) - Stroll around the buffet and explore many international cuisines a...

The Grille Photo

The Grille

(6 Reviews)

Hungry? Of course you are - get some grilled goodies here to satisfy that hunger.

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