102 Britannia Tips


Dec 23, 2019

P&O trips extortionate prices we found it was better to do it on our own


Dec 02, 2019

Take little battery operated tealights for gentle night lighting. No need to take shower gel as the have The White Company fixed into shoer unit a d generous 100mls shampoo and conditioner for complimentary use. Take little laundry detergent for use in helpful launderette with net laundry bags.


Dec 13, 2019

If your fit enough use the stairs lifts seems to take a long time


Dec 14, 2019

Be prepared to walk no lifts in mid ship not a problem for us


Jan 04, 2020

Take a pack of cards if you have a lot of sea days.......


Jan 04, 2020

Way up if you wish to take up the drinks package.


Jan 05, 2020

If you are on freedom dining, once you find an area of the main restaurant where you get good service, ask to go back there each night for dinner.


Jan 19, 2020

Don’t get a cabin over the theatre if you want peace and quiet!


Jan 21, 2020

Don’t wear your cloak of invisibility, it stops the waiters seeing you.


Feb 09, 2020

Be patient and explore the ship to get your bearings


Jan 24, 2020

Take no notice of the negative comments people make. Just enjoy Britannia and make some amazing memories.


Jan 27, 2020

You have booked a great ship! The cruise is what you make it. It can be noisy on the Lido deck around the main pool so if you want peace and quiet, use the Serenity pool. Be patient with the lifts and if you can use the stairs, do - its better for your waistline!


Feb 22, 2020

Do not use P&O if you want to use Wi-Fi, it is very expensive


Feb 25, 2020

Enjoy the overall experience


Mar 02, 2020

Enjoy your experience and make the most of your time.


May 22, 2020

Cancel and go on Azura or royal Caribbean


Mar 31, 2020

First time on Britannia March 13th in Barbados, one word WOW, nice and clean, very helpful and pleasant staff, the food was absolutely top notch, breakfast in horizon 👍only thing I found a little disappointing was the atrium could have been a lot better, I found the atrium on Oceana much better


Jul 17, 2021

Ladies - book your hair appointment as soon as possible! Celebration night is a must for a beautiful hairdo. Ask for a ‘splash’ if you want a mixer with your drink. Otherwise you get a small bottle which is double the price. E.g, vodka and 2 splashes’ They will push for a bottle but it does hit your bar bill if you’re trying to be a bit frugal.


Sep 22, 2019

When using the My Holiday app turn airplane mode on with WiFi on but turn data roaming off if you don’t want charged

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