104 Britannia Tips


Oct 29, 2017

Don’t listen to negative comments


Dec 02, 2017

Try to get to the theatre in plenty of time for the shows - it gets full up very quickly.


Nov 14, 2017

2 tips. 1 as I have already mentioned plan your route from cabin to lifts/stairs and avoid mid ship fits if you can. Tip 2. Our cabin was an even number cabin on F deck ( deck 9). We were obviously very lucky with weather and sailing conditions all the way over the Atlantic. Our cabin was Port side ( the left) and we had the sun rising every morning and quite often spent a couple of hours on our balcony which was lovely. I am not clever enough to know if the port side gets whatever sun is going on every cruise but certainly on our cruise we got it every morning and not only that it because of the ships route we gat it most of the day. Worth thinking about if you like that sort of thing when choosing your cabin.


Mar 24, 2018

Dont listen to negative reports


Nov 17, 2016

Watch out for the Black soot that can ruin your swimwear..........plus sun loungers were covered in it some days.


Nov 16, 2016

If not very good at walking book midship


Nov 17, 2016

Limelight club amazing worth every penny


Nov 16, 2016

enjoy everything offered


Nov 16, 2016

Make sure the chairs at the back of the ship are clean otherwise you'll ruin your clothes.


Nov 23, 2016

beach house great value, try cooking your own steak on lava rock


Nov 25, 2016

Don't! have a cabin mid ships deck 15 at any price.


Dec 05, 2016

Don't go if you like Texas Holdem [ there is none ]


Apr 07, 2017

If you are offered an upgrade - don;t accept it if you have chosen a specific cabin as you cannot refuse it once you have accepted it. Also, if you are choosing a cabin - select one at the rear of the ship.


Jul 16, 2017

Enjoy her. Not my favourite place


Jun 20, 2017

Be prepared to wait for the lifts.


Jun 27, 2017

Go to breakfast and lunch early, and be aware that the lifts system is totally overwhelmed at all times , so you need to leave plenty of time to get around, especially for dinner.

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