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Sail past Los Arcos, the soaring rock archway at the extreme southern tip of Baja California that guards Cabo's perfect harbor. This idyllic bay once sheltered treasure ships from the Orient, and pirate brigs bent on those treasures. Now Cabo caters to an international vacation set, and has a strong artistic tradition famous for its black-coral jewelry.

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Ensenada is a pleasant combination of a fishing port and tourist center and is a very accomodating city. Visit La Bufadora, a geyser that spouts saltwater more than sixty feet up into the air and is one of biggest blowholes in North America. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the mountain climbing, beachcombing and hiking and Ensenada is a great place from which to begin your trek in the Baja's outback.

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This city and port on the Gulf of Mexico is a very popular resort due to the white sand beaches and the clarity and peacefullness of the waters, which is created by a breakwater close to the shore. Progreso also serves as the gateway to Merida, the state capital.

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Hollywood discovered this little fishing village back in the 1960's, and since then luxury resorts and bougainvillea-covered villas have flourished in the delightful seaside climate. Yet hints of past tranquility remain: cobbled courtyards where the locals hold their markets, and superb sport-fishing just offshore.

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Mexico's largest Pacific ocean port, Mazatlan has been called the "Pearl of the Pacific" for its splendid beaches and island-strewn harbor. The resorts of the Zona Dorada ("Golden Zone") deserve their fame, as does the sport-fishing which is known the world over, yet somehow the city maintains much of the simplicity and peace of its fishing village past.

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Whitewashed villas ring magnificent Acapulco Bay, forming an unforgettable spectacle. View Mexico's premier Pacific playground from the scenic highway above the harbor, then stop to enjoy Acapulco's most famous attraction: the daredevil cliff-divers of La Quebrada, who pray at a nearby chapel, then plunge from the 130-foot-high cliffs.

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Huatulco is made up of the bays of Huatulco, which are lined with quaint villages. Huatulco is made up of three areas: La Crucecita, another town on the beach; Santa Cruz, a prime destination for beach-lovers; and Tangolunda, home to a number of upscale resorts. Recent reconstruction of Huatulco, lovely beaches, and waters full of interesting species hace created an environment very friendly to visitors.

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Manzanillo is located between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco and features beautiful, unoccupied beaches, excellent cuisine, and plenty of activities, including horseback riding, kayaking, world-famous deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, and yes, shopping. Spend a day fishing in the "Sailfish capital of the world" and your nights dancing away in the active nightlife downtown.

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