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Ensenada is a pleasant combination of a fishing port and tourist center and is a very accomodating city. Visit La Bufadora, a geyser that spouts saltwater more than sixty feet up into the air and is one of biggest blowholes in North America. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the mountain climbing, beachcombing and hiking and Ensenada is a great place from which to begin your trek in the Baja's outback.

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If you’re going with carnival I highly recommend booking the ATV through winery excursion FROM THE CARNIVAL WEBSITE. It is a BLAST. Downtown Ensenada was pretty neat, kind of sketchy around some corners (but I overthink everything anyways) & we also lost our way back to the boat so it took us an extra minute. Totally our fault- just a heads up to keep track of where the boats are 😂🤷🏼‍♀️


With all the recent talk about how bad Mexico has become I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it really was. We went to La Buffadora and had a wonderful day.

Visited: May 10, 2018

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We had a great time in ensenada. The city was far cleaner and nicer than what others have said. It's no cozumel or cabo but we were not disappointed. We walked avenida primera shopped and had drinks at papas and beer. Great time.


Lidias Tacos at La Bufadora are a must, best tacos, ever, in my opinion. Holding the baby tigers was fun and memorable. Would go back for the tigers and tacos, lol. Ensenada was better than I expected (been there before, back in early 90’s, pre-passport), and so I had low expectations, but our tour guide, Kenya was her name, was great. We wanted to do more things while there but hadn’t booked anything other than the La Bufadora adventure, which ended early (we booked the earliest excursion). I did not feel comfortable with venturing off too far on our own without a tour guide. We wanted to go to the popular bars but could not figure out (on our own) where they were located -walking from port. We did walk up and down “the pier” which was fun. I would suggest to stay street smart while in Ensenada (as you’d do in most places you visit, including any big city USA) but it’s not a bad place to visit...just maybe not with kids?

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