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About Progreso (Merida), Mexico

This city and port on the Gulf of Mexico is a very popular resort due to the white sand beaches and the clarity and peacefullness of the waters, which is created by a breakwater close to the shore. Progreso also serves as the gateway to Merida, the state capital.

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This is coastal Mexico, not some overdeveloped, sanitized mega-resort. Get out here and see some amazing ancient ruins, swim in super clear cenotés. So much of real Mexico here to experience.


I see so many horrible reviews about this port and it’s not bad at all. I mean it’s mexico.... heck New Orleans is a dirty city if you want to get technical about it. If your looking for a resort town, this isn’t it, but the people are very nice and it’s a pleasant place. Yes everyone asks you to buy stuff but they leave you alone if you just keep going. Once they get you in the store they leave you in peace as well and let you look and are willing to bargain. I would come here again.

Visited: Oct 27, 2018

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I see a lot of bad reviews of this place but I loved it. Did a bus tour and got to see its beauty. Yes, it’s old and obviously not a wealthy population but I enjoyed the architecture and the history of it. Lots of shopping here with fine, handmade items for sale. Prices are negotiable. I would go again for sure.


PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS PORT IS THE “REAL” Mexico - it has not been Americanized like Cozumel - it’s gritty - it’s real - you will be approached 200 times by people legitimately trying to make a living - however I love seeing this “real” “raw” “unamericanized” port - you have to go in knowing what to expect - take the bus to the beach - get 2 chairs and an umbrella for $10 and sit back and enjoy - you will be approached ... ALOT ! But all you have to do is say no and they will leave immediately- I actually love it here - you get to see the real deal - PS stop at the market on the way to the beach - very cool !

Visited: Oct 20, 2018

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I've heard a lot of negativity about Progreso. That's because Progreso shows you the reality of Mexico, which is both sad and beauitful. Mexico is not a country that operates for the purpose of entertaining cruisers. This is their life, and if you spend your day in Progreso, all the money you spend is supporting their economy. Learn to appreciate the people and the culture, not turn your nose because it doesn't look like suburban America. Progreso was my favorite port! We took the Carnival excursion "Uxmal Mayan Ruins and Hacienda Ochil." 5 stars...I am so glad we booked this excursion! It is also a great value for what you are getting. The ruins themselves are simply unbelievable, and you do get to climb on most of them. One carnival excursion only takes you to the ruins and includes a box lunch; for basically the same price and same amount of time, you can book the excursion that also takes you to Hacienda Ochil, a beautiful local ranch, where they will serve you authentic Mexican food and drinks and give you time to explore the hacienda. I would highly recommend this tour...we loved it!

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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