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Sail past Los Arcos, the soaring rock archway at the extreme southern tip of Baja California that guards Cabo's perfect harbor. This idyllic bay once sheltered treasure ships from the Orient, and pirate brigs bent on those treasures. Now Cabo caters to an international vacation set, and has a strong artistic tradition famous for its black-coral jewelry.

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Love Cabo, we did a glass bottom boat excursion. So fun,and informative! Also did some touring around town, our guide was so friendly and told us many interesting things. Visiting a very old church! Very neat! And real Mexican food!

Visited: Oct 07, 2017

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Loved it! Seems fairly new area around the port - clean and safe. Took a local boat tour ($15) and it was awesome! Went all along the rocks; stopped at a small beach, around the "Arch" into the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California); saw lots of colorful fish in the crystal clear blue water and also a number of sea lions!

Visited: Jan 12, 2018

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I had heard you can only be on the "shopping jetty" but you can walk into town and find some great deals on a meal off ship! Some local flavor was great! We had 4 beers and nachos with the best guac EVER for $10!!! They take tourist security very seriously--felt very safe!

Visited: Feb 25, 2017

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