7 Innovative Carry-on Rollerboards

innovative new carry on suitcases rollerboards
Ready for a new suitcase for your next cruise? We found some great choices. - Photo by Thinkstock

With airlines charging obscene rates for checked bags, the carry-on rollerboard luggage has become the firmly established suitcase of choice for the seasoned traveler. Whether you need extra space, mobility, or entertainment, we’ve found the coolest and most practical carry-on luggage for you:

The Genius Packer

The Genius Packer
Photo by Genius Pack

For the heavy packer

Vicious wrestling matches with your suitcase zippers are officially a thing of the past. The Genius Packer by Genius Pack debuted in November with a unique compression air valve that expels unwanted air to maximize space efficiency. It also includes a toiletry kit, pop-out umbrella, removable hamper, and an optional electronic device charger to keep you powered up on the go. Geniuspack.com; From $198.

Rollerboard Scooter

Rollerboard Scooter
Photo by Kickboard

For the habitually late

This seemingly normal, hard-shell rollerboard from Micro-Mobility converts into a scooter in moments. You may get some looks rolling through the airport, but rest assured, they will be looks of envy. Kickboardusa.com; From $250.

Aluminum Rollerboard

Aluminum Rollerboard
Photo by Travelteq

For anyone who hates standing in line

This burnished aluminum rollerboard suitcase from Travelteq can be a lifesaver when waiting in long lines. Activate the spring-operated legs, and you have a sturdy seat with a sliding top plate that functions as a cushion. The handle even turns into a backrest for support. Travelteq.com; From $694.


Photo by Melissa and Doug

For kids (and their stressed-out parents)

If travel makes your child hyper, bored, exhausted, or — most likely — all of the above, Trunki has you covered. With a soft rubber seat and a strap for pulling, this child-sized suitcase for ages 3 and up is a very practical toy. Melissa and Doug; From $40.

Joy Mangano Rollerboard

Joy Mangano Rollerboard
Photo by HSN

For people who hate unpacking

With a mobile dresser, two removable drawers, a toiletry organizer, and a small tote, this stylish and durable carry-on suitcase from the renowned Joy Mangano makes unpacking a breeze. While other passengers are still settling into their cabins, you can grab some quality quiet time at the pool. HSN.com; From $165.

Road Warrior Rollerboard

Road Warrior Rollerboard
Photo by Ebags

For those in small cabins

There’s no denying it: Some staterooms make a New York City studio apartment look like a castle. The Road Warrior 21” Collapsible Upright lets you maximize your space by collapsing to less than half its size for easier storage. Ebags; From $329.

Morphus Rollerboard

Morphus Rollerboard
Photo by Eagle Creek

For adventurous cruisers (and shopaholics)

Hybrid backpack/rollerboards are a convenient model that is becoming increasingly more common, but Eagle Creek’s Morphus, set to debut this July, is the one to beat. If you tend to book cruises that include long hikes, or you accumulate souvenirs at a rapid pace, you’ll love that the front conversion bag zips off to reveal the “Bi-Tech” shell inside, which serves as a second full-size bag. This lightweight, ultra-durable polycarbonate hybrid also comes with a “no matter what” guarantee that covers every conceivable type of damage. Eagle Creek; From $395.

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