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Manzanillo is located between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco and features beautiful, unoccupied beaches, excellent cuisine, and plenty of activities, including horseback riding, kayaking, world-famous deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, and yes, shopping. Spend a day fishing in the "Sailfish capital of the world" and your nights dancing away in the active nightlife downtown.

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by judithzuz

This was a nice surprise. We had nothing booked for this stop and so set off to explore the city on our own. We stopped at a local grocery store -always a good place to find sauces, spices, candies, etc. from the region- and 3 ladies in the line behind us began a conversation. Because my sister speaks Spanish, it was an engaging exchange. As they were leaving, they asked if we wanted to follow them to the local iguana sanctuary. Well, understandably, we were just a bit apprehensive. The clerk assured us that the people of Manzanillo were very friendly and trustworthy and that we should take the chance. So we followed them! And what a delight it was. They had timed our visit to the sanctuary for feeding time. SOOOOOO many iguanas. Fabulously interesting. We took pictures of our little group, exchanged phone numbers and said "till next time." What a lucky encounter!

Visited: Oct 03, 2019

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by ampick01

Great port. Very natural and authentic feeling here. The dock is VERY long to get to buses and taxis. We did the turtle sanctuary tour with the salt museum. Salt museum was a bust other than a sketchy bathroom after a 20 min bus ride that most tour takers needed to use. Bring plenty of water with you on this one. The tour bus was good and tour staff were great. The turtle sanctuary was awesome. So many sea turtles to see with babies too. The sanctuary is right by the ocean so the drive our and back is gorgeous. We were taken to a small town on the way back for snacks and soda at an old hotel. The good thing was it was right on the beach. The bad was that you had to walk through a lot of vendors to get there. We had about 30 min on the beach to dip our toes and collect seashells. There is a lot of natural beauty at this port and it is not very touristy.

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