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Whitewashed villas ring magnificent Acapulco Bay, forming an unforgettable spectacle. View Mexico's premier Pacific playground from the scenic highway above the harbor, then stop to enjoy Acapulco's most famous attraction: the daredevil cliff-divers of La Quebrada, who pray at a nearby chapel, then plunge from the 130-foot-high cliffs.

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Had been there in the 70's; has grown, but not really gotten better. All the excursions include the cliff divers, which we didn't need to see again; we just walked off ship and along the beaches. Pestered by locals trying to get us to buy things for the first 1/2 mile, but after that an enjoyable walk.

Visited: Feb 19, 2017

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Took NCL Bay and cliff diver tour by boat. Great vantage place to see the divers and four of them swam out to our boat for pictures with us. Open bar and Mexican lunch provided.

Visited: Jan 19, 2018

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