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Mexico's largest Pacific ocean port, Mazatlan has been called the "Pearl of the Pacific" for its splendid beaches and island-strewn harbor. The resorts of the Zona Dorada ("Golden Zone") deserve their fame, as does the sport-fishing which is known the world over, yet somehow the city maintains much of the simplicity and peace of its fishing village past.

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I loved Mazatlan. We hired a "Pulmonia" which is an open air taxi that looks like a golf cart. The price is negotiable. Our Driver/Guide was Victor, his nickname is Scooby-Doo. He took us all over Mazatlan. We originally negotiated for two hours for $30 but were enjoying it so much we told him to just keep going. He took us to all the "tourist spots" for photos, and then took us up the hillside into the real Mazatlan to see some of the houses he liked and incredible views. He took us to some local taco stands where we ate way too many tacos. We tried a little of everything. We finished the sight seeing at Playa Brujas which is a beach at the far north end of Mazatlan. There we ate some fish tacos, Shrimp tacos and Shrimp Cocktail washed down with Margaritas and Beers on the beech. What a spectacular day!

Visited: Apr 07, 2018

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We did not do an excursion. We jumped in a taxi and he took us to multiple destinations for photo opportunities before dropping us on in the Golden Zone. We explored, shopped and ate some of the best tacos of our lives at a sports bar/restaurant (can't remember the name) before heading back to the boat.

Visited: Sep 25, 2017

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Actually was worried about this port but was our best experience. Found an all inclusive hotel to go to for $35 a person and drank and ate all if the ship doesn’t have enough food.

Visited: Mar 03, 2018

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Easy walk to town open air market. Locals were shopping there and they had a great selection of fresh meals, fresh meats, spices, and trinkets. Rained, but it was warm. Some folks complained but the rain, but it was December, rain is expected, so get on with the day.

Visited: Dec 08, 2017

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