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by SusanArizona

This is there we participated in the Ixtapa Canopy Adventure, which the others enjoyed tremendously....me, not so much. I knew I had a fear of heights but thought I could handle this adventure. I only participated in the practice trials, then waited for the group in the bar area while they did the actual high-line adventure. We visited Zihuatanejo's market area then ate dinner at the best Mexican food restaurant! It was named something like 3 Amigos and a Gringo, and had the best Chili Rellano's EVER!

Visited: Jan 03, 2008

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by JoanneB5

Now I would go back to this city in a heart beat of all the cities this one surprised me. The environment is still low key not so over developed and fast pace. We went on a tour of the museum and that was O.K. but to hot. I love history so it was good information. The church was nice and the shopping alot the same. There were only two shops that were a must see. I found a reboso made by the indians and a awesome blouse here. What a treasure I had looked for years for this type and quaily of items, truly a rare find.

Visited: Mar 17, 2006

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