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by SusanArizona

This is there we participated in the Ixtapa Canopy Adventure, which the others enjoyed tremendously....me, not so much. I knew I had a fear of heights but thought I could handle this adventure. I only participated in the practice trials, then waited for the group in the bar area while they did the actual high-line adventure. We visited Zihuatanejo's market area then ate dinner at the best Mexican food restaurant! It was named something like 3 Amigos and a Gringo, and had the best Chili Rellano's EVER!

Visited: Jan 03, 2008

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by BrendaM11

We went to the market and the beach at this port. Both were good. The beach we went to had parasailing and my daughter tried it. It was less expensive than many other places we have been to. The sail was about 15 minutes and $25.00

Visited: Mar 21, 2008

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by MarciP1

This was an exceptional place. Clean, low-key, prices were very reasonable. A beautiful, quaint, friendly town. Loved the $1 beers. We took the kayaking excersion. The kayaking part was way too short...not much in terms of sites along the way and the route that the bus took was extremely littered with garbage. The bus was nice. The guide exceptional. I also enjoyed the tenders to/from port.

Visited: Dec 17, 2006

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