53 Viking Star Tips


Nov 02, 2015

* Have a Norwegian chef on a Norwegian ship. I talked with head chef and he hadn't heard of several dishes - that are every day Norwegian fare. * Train your entire staff, not just a hand full The old saying, you get what you pay for, certainly doesn't apply to Viking


Dec 29, 2015

They offer a regional favorite for each port!!


Jun 29, 2016

Don't take too many clothes and go casual. The onboard free laundry provides everything. Also, the drinks that you pay for are very reasonable compared to other ships we've been on.


Jul 03, 2016

It is a very busy cruise when one partakes in all the excursions. It was good to have some early afternoon departures and one day at sea. I personally needed the down time. The regional choice on the dinner menu each night was a good way to sample the ethic foods.


Jul 13, 2016

We started in Berge so we went to Iceland first for three day. I would recommend adding a couple days in Stockholm on the back end. Also hire your personal guide for Berlin or you will waste your time.


Jul 20, 2016

We started in Bergen so we added a 3 day tour in Iceland beforehand. I would not xtend in Stockholm - too long.


Aug 19, 2017

Plan your cruise very carefully. List port times first, then plan your excursions. The earlier in a port you do an excursion the better. Sometimes we ran into the problem that we arrived somewhere, our tour was several hours later but there was not enough time to go ashore & return for the tour. So our free time was compromised.


Jan 14, 2016

What a fabulous ship, cabin and crew. We would recommend all three to anyone considering a cruise but look at a Deluxe Veranda category for the best options in specialty dining and excursion selection.


Jul 18, 2017

River cruises are much more intimate in both personnel and service. This ocean cruise was definitely lacking on personal attention.


Oct 14, 2015

We loved the ship. It is larger than I thought it would be but the layout and design are excellent.


Nov 13, 2015

Viking is a first class company!


Jan 08, 2016

Nothing, they seem to have harkened to travelers inputs!!!


Mar 22, 2016

Take advantage of the fine dining opportunities, relaxing in the Explorers Lounge or pool side area, and the entertainment in the atrium and theater.


May 06, 2016

Casual clothes are fine--never put on the one dress I took. Can I offer another tip? Book excursions early.


Dec 10, 2016

Star is a very nice ship.


Mar 18, 2017

We made our own arrangements to travel to Athens for 3 nights from Barcelona,had a great time then flew back to Barcelona for the Viking Air to New Orleans.

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