162 Queen Mary 2 Tips


Sep 11, 2016

the few new single cabins are very well appointed, and because of their mid-ship location are more expensive than paying the surcharge for single occupancy. The singles are on decks 2 and 3, no obstructed balconies, just windows. While nice, not a good deal at all!!


Sep 11, 2016

The QMII is a floating museum and art gallery with 4000 framed pieces of art throughout the ship. In addition the history of Cunard is told through art work, historical photos, and printed narratives, including photos of the original Queen Mary bringing 14,000 English war brides to the U.S. in 1945


Oct 06, 2016

As a casually dressed traveler I didn't get the whole cruise experience. If you want to enjoy the Whole ship choice a different cruise line.


Oct 28, 2016

Try to get a cabin midship. People we met who had cabins near the bow felt the rough seas much more than we did. Also, we had a short walk to either elevators and staircases B and C which led to all the extras on board.


Nov 01, 2016

The seas can be rough sometimes out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. That's just the nature of transatlantic travel... just be prepared for that.


Jan 14, 2017

For maximum time on the ship, consider the London to NYC crossing instead of NYC to London. We lost an hour every day, which was a little confusing because they jump forward an hour at noon every day except one.


Nov 29, 2016

Take a repositioning cruise in the Spring or Fall on another cruise line if it is the crossing you desire. Use QM2 only if you do not want to fly over, or back.


Dec 11, 2016

If you enjoy the formal evening thing, this may be for you. Men take a black suit jacket and you can alternate. You are required to wear one if you use any of the dining rooms. If you utilize "Kings Court" buffet, not necessary. There is plenty of food selection in there.


Dec 11, 2016

Study the deck plans beforehand so you can easily find your way around the ship straightaway.


Dec 12, 2016

Always use Kings Court for either breakfast or lunch; food selection and service (even though it's buffet) were great. Learn to ballroom dance before going to enjoy the night in this ship.


Dec 12, 2016

Take dancing lessons before sailing


Dec 12, 2016

Use the restaurant as often as possible


Dec 25, 2016

Cancel your trip and go on Princess!


Jul 21, 2017

Book early and you'll get a free upgrade. Book late and you'll get a great price but limited choice of accommodations. Try to find a room near the center elevator banks (B and C). And if you do book early, sign up for an early dinner seating (if it applies) and book your excursions at the same time. Oh, and pack less !


Jun 22, 2017

Get to theater EARLY after dinner, as seats go fast!


Jul 08, 2017

Bring your own case of water. Pack snacks. Definitely bring the fanciest dress you can find. Don't forget your binoculars.


Jul 14, 2017

Always look at the ship diagrams so you are not walkiing in the opposite direction of your destination or on the wrong deck.


Jul 30, 2017

The ship sails the north Atlantic and we feel little if any movement of the ship. Its an ocean liner!

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