161 Queen Mary 2 Tips


Dec 28, 2015

Please avoid deck 11 staterooms as they are very noisy. A couple we dined with had trouble sleeping. Several reviews cite the same experience.


Aug 01, 2016

Deck 11 staterooms at the front of the ship are the best! Access to wonderful things that other guests are just not aware of: The only glass elevators on the ship, the free laundry facilities, the indoor and outdoor observation decks, the extra bathroom, and a quiet location!!!


Sep 28, 2016

Take advantage of the White Star luggage service to ship things home/to the ship. Once we were in Germany, we knew there would be limited opportunities to wear formal clothing. Shipping it back made moving around the country a lot easier.


Jun 01, 2011

Make sure you go to the Planetarium, it was fantastic and well worth going, making sure you picked up your tickets in the morning for the afternoon shows. They were always packed out.


May 22, 2014

It sure beating flying across the ocean on an airplane and experiencing jetlag. Additionally, the cost was cheaper than a one-way ticket on a plane.


May 22, 2014

Stay away from the King's Court Buffett. Hot food should be hot, cold should be cold and cooked food should be well presented.


Jun 08, 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed the lecture series. Voyaging across the ocean it a relaxing way to travel.


Aug 24, 2014

2 of our members were in wheelchairs, and help on board was limited, and not available at all off ship, so remember this if you make plans off shore of any kind, but the crew still tried to help us


Sep 24, 2014

By the photos and the album. We have wonderful photos to remember our 25th wedding anniversary. Must do a spa day.


Jan 06, 2016

Magnificent ship and a bit older European class of people. If you don't like to dress up this is not for you.


Apr 04, 2016

Commodore club has free appetizers before both dinner seatings if you are having a drink there. Be friendly and kind in self-service laundries - they are busy, so empty your washers and dryers promptly.


Jun 11, 2016

Consider carefully whether a veranda is really worth the extra cost.


Aug 23, 2016

We encountered some rather rough seas during this crossing, but neither of us experienced any seasickness. Be sure to look for Homer Simpson on the QM2 on the America mural near the pub on Deck 2!


Oct 12, 2016

Get a cabin near a stairway/elevator for easy access. It saves walking long distances in the hall. It is quite a big ship. Also, get to lectures early for the beat seats as they fill up quickly.


Oct 27, 2016

Try to get a cabin midship. People we spoke to who were "in the pointy end" felt the mildly rough seas much more than we did. Also, it was a short walk to either elevators and stairs B and C which opened onto many of the shop and lounge locations.


Nov 10, 2016

Don't miss out on the special formal nights because you don't want to buy or pack formal clothes. I found lovely dresses at thrift stores and took one pair of evening sandals, which took up little room in my suitcase.


Dec 25, 2016

Explore the ship thoroughly a.s.a.p. after embarkation. Otherwise you may miss spending time on your cruise in a lounge or area which you find particularly attractive.


Dec 10, 2016

Bring a suit. A tux would be better. You'll need it.


Dec 28, 2016

Do not pay extra for a balcony room. The balcony has no view, just a too-high window

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