1596 Norwegian Breakaway Tips


Jan 27, 2015

Best waterpark on the seas. Tell Evan G'day.


Feb 02, 2015

Take advantage of all the offered shows.. they are fantastic!


Feb 02, 2015

Go to relax and take advantage of the anytime dining experience. The French Bistro is excellent.


Feb 21, 2015

We ate mostly at O Shehans which was always open,and Savor,both were good.


Feb 26, 2015

Eating at 6/6:15 prevented any wait in the main dining rooms. Burger joint (cannot remember name) was great (albeit a long wait - but worth it). If you are prone to seasickness, the large ship was great for not rocking too much.


May 20, 2015

Gotta try the Uptown Grill on the 16th floor for a fabulous burger. But don't go between 1:00-2:30...waited an hour for it!


Dec 29, 2014

Try to eat anywhere but the Garden Cafeteria whenever possible or only during off peak hours. Bring a large reusable cup for drinking, as the glasses and cups are small. It was tedious to keep asking bar tenders and wait staff for pop and other beverages. The cup provided leaked.


Dec 25, 2014

Theater is rather small. If the show does not require reservations it gets really packed. Come early if yiu want good seats.


Dec 25, 2014

Rock of Ages, Burn the floor, both the shows are amazing!! Dont miss it. Also if you have board credit, instead of spending on Drinks, keep them for photographs. They are most amazing i got.!! Dont miss the photographs!!


Dec 24, 2014

Burn the floor is the best program. Would prefer to have few more broadway shows like burn the floor to entertain the guests.


Sep 19, 2015

Breakaway was organized very different from any other cruise we have been on. You had to make reservations to see the shows, instead of having open seating in the theater every night. This was a great idea, but it should have been in the pre-cruise material, so we knew what was going on.


Dec 08, 2015

Tip: If you want no lines on the pool deck for the water slides and an open pool, spend one of your port days onboard when most people are off the ship. One of the best days was that day because we had the ship to ourselves during the day, and then we saw a great Second City performance that night!!


Dec 23, 2015

Don't book a room on the Aft portion of the ship for the top floors unless you tend to stay up until 1 in the morning.


Mar 25, 2015

Make reservations for the specialty restaurants and the shows before you cruise otherwise you could be out of luck.


Jul 25, 2017

It is a big ship. If you like hanging out in the pool, you might not be happy as pool space was at a premium. You do need to get your chair early as people reserve chairs with towels and clips before breakfast. We had been on Carnival last time and they monitored the chairs. If you left your chair for more than 45 min they removed your stuff. I liked that idea. With a ship of this size and limited poolside chairs, that made it fair. I would bring a coffee travel cup. I brought mine as I love coffee in the morning. Many people commented how they wish they had brought theirs too.


Jan 04, 2019

No cruise is 100% perfect - so don’t waste your time focusing on the very few negative things that happen and take pleasure in the abundance of positive experiences that occur during your cruise. You’re on vacation - have fun and enjoy yourself!


May 16, 2013

Go to Spice H20. It's hidden away at the top back of the ship. Lovely place to see Manhattan float away...and during the day the hot tubs were empty.


May 22, 2013

Make your show reservations on line before you cruise, so you don't have to wait in line, and also do walk-off with your luggage, as we chose not to and regretted this decision.


May 29, 2013

Get a Carlo's cupcake and a big coffee on deck 7, soooo good...


May 29, 2013

use the restaurants for breakfast and lunch instead of the buffet. order doubles when ordering drinks as it's a $3 upcharge

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