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A: Breakaway, Mid ship areas Extremely tail smoky smell, all entertainment floors

Answered by mezz1 on June 28, 2019

A: There is also the Shanghai's Noodle Bar which is complimentary. It is located right beside O'Sheehans.

Answered by OldGreyWolf on January 10, 2019

A: There are three main dining rooms on the ship with Taste and Savor being mirror images of each other on the same deck. Manhattan room is more upscale dress and most nights has some live entertainment during the meal it also has a dance floor. O'Sheeh... ans is pub style dining, some days they have a very short menu. For breakfast Margaritaville has a small buffet setup. On sea days a specialty restaurant will have a theme buffet for free.See More

Answered by McElmo on December 20, 2018

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A: As for purchasing, cash is not used on the ship itself. As CrusilineMich said you set up an account at boarding time and all charges including the daily gratuity charge gets billed to this account. You can use cash, gift cards or credit cards to pre-... load this account or to pay it before leaving the ship but it must be settled before you are allowed off of the ship. This is the same across the NCL fleet.See More

Answered by OldGreyWolf on October 2, 2018

A: They have special cups that you get when you purchase the soda package which are refilled whenever you need it and you can also purchase refillable NCL logo cups in their tradewinds store.

Answered by OldGreyWolf on October 2, 2018

A: When you check in, just put cash on your S&S card. When it runs low, they'll tell you. They do have a beverage deal, but I don't know the cost.

Answered by CruiselineMich on September 20, 2018

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A: You will probably get some noise but it will depend on how close you are to the entrance. And then only if the kids get noisy in the halls which can occur no matter where you are.

Answered by OldGreyWolf on October 2, 2018

A: There are two adult only areas. One is paid for and one is complimentary. The Vibe Beach club is something you pay extra for. Spice H2O is complimentary.

Answered by OldGreyWolf on October 2, 2018

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