352 Celebrity Infinity Tips


Sep 15, 2013

Book shore excursions online before travelling - you will have the best pick of options and get the trips you really want - the lines are long onboard ship and excursions sell out


Apr 19, 2013

Prepay your gratuities to get Select Dining. It makes for a much better dining experience.


Apr 28, 2013

Wine packagesare not really worth it as there is not a large selection. Tell your Somlier your price range and variety you want and she will givekeep you happy.


Oct 21, 2014

We booked a couple of tours that were occurring in the first days of the cruise from home, and booked the remainder on board. Thanks to the long hours that the Excursion Desk was open, it was absolutely no problem getting tours booked on board.


Nov 02, 2014

This is a small ship - well suited for the older population


Dec 07, 2014

You can book all your excursions off the ship and save tons of money. Bring your own water bottles and fill them up with ice and water. The ports on this cruise are extremely hot.


Jun 11, 2015

I suggest using independent excursion at each port. They will return you to the ship on time.


May 01, 2015

For example: If you want to sit in the sun, be away from the crowds - go to deck 12 on the back of the ship - there are very few people that venture up there.


Aug 08, 2013

Fourth level Muster Station promenade was very nice to walk on. Beautiful view of the ocean. JC the cruise director came off a bit snobby for my liking, but he was a good host.


Jun 09, 2012

Study the deck plans online or in the brochure very carefully before selecting a stateroom. Be sure your room is not directly below or directly above a public room or public area. For example, you would not want to be directly under the pool area as you would hear deck chairs being moved around.


May 01, 2013

The pizza from room service is so much better than the buffet pizza.


Sep 06, 2017

Enjoy every amenity the ship has to offer. Try different foods.


Sep 21, 2017

Voice your concerns and issues. Most of the staff especially the higher level staff want to know where they fall short and work to resolve issues. I complained to Luigi the cruise director and he immediately took steps to resolve our frustration.


Feb 07, 2018

Remember Antarctica has no ports therefore when you cruise to Antarctica you are on the ship not walking around.


Feb 07, 2018

Make sure ship is in good mechanical conditions & no plan to cancell your execersions,


Jan 02, 2019

Great views from the forward lounge.


May 07, 2014

If you want to sit in the sun, be away from the crowds - go to deck 12 on the back of the ship - there are very few people that venture up there.


Dec 08, 2014

We were glad that we booked our two excursions online through Celebrity. It was hassle free to have paid all our gratuities ahead of time.


May 16, 2013

Dining in the Qsine Restaurant is a must. It is a unique dining experience.

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