201 Celebrity Edge Tips


Jun 02, 2020

The Edge is a first class experience.. if your on a tight budget you may be a little stressed... In my opinion it is worth it though.


Mar 11, 2020

One of the more "hiden" places was the room on the back of the ship called "Eden". Very nice but we didn't go there until the last 2 days because we just didn't go that far back.


Mar 08, 2020

Make it a point to see the shows. Also be prepared for an "older" group of guests


Mar 04, 2020

Nice to say we were on it. The magic carpet over priced for dinners. Good place for a drink.


Feb 23, 2020

The Club was really cool at night. It is such an innovative space that is really multifunctional. There is art everywhere on the ship, which is lovely. Eden is great - walk around and check out all of the nooks including the Eden bar with the neat cocktails. We never visited the Eden Cafe but it looked great for breakfast.


Feb 21, 2020

Don't expect to get a seat near the pool unless you are there very early morning. If you want a semi quiet place to lay in a lounge chair, I recoomend the top deck back by the resort. We had sun and shade and it was not crowded at all.


Feb 21, 2020

Bring dressy clothes. Every night calle for dress up clothes.


Feb 20, 2020

Get the App on your phone. It is fantaxtic


Feb 20, 2020

Pool chairs are at a premium so get out early.


Feb 19, 2020

Don’t bother with Magic Carpet restaurant


Feb 18, 2020

Enjoy every moment! This ship takes cruising to a new level.


Feb 18, 2020

I would be very specific about the virtual balcony so people aren’t disappointed.


Feb 18, 2020

Definitely get an infinity veranda cabin.


Feb 13, 2020

Go on a diet before going. The food is the best part and not to be missed. Specialty restaurants were all excellent

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