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With nearly 30 bars and restaurants, Celebrity Edge offers a superb variety of complimentary and specialty dining. Passengers can enjoy everything from $6 sandwiches to a la carte menus starting around $60 per person. Apart from the Oceanview Cafe, Edge has four main dining rooms, including the trendy Tuscan Restaurant, the international bistro Cosmopolitan, Normandie, a refined French restaurant, and Cyprus, which specializes in seafood and Mediterranean fare. On the specialty side, Fine Cut is an excellent choice for prime steaks and exceptional wine pairings. Le Grand Bistro is reminiscent of a Parisian brasserie, and Le Petit Chef and Friends serves a multicourse international menu accompanied by on-table animation. Edge also has a phenomenal raw bar and two suite-class restaurants.

Le Petit Chef at Le Grande Bistro Photo

Le Petit Chef at Le Grande Bistro

(9 Reviews)

One of the most unique dining events in the world. Each evening Le Petit Chef™ and Friends will mag...

Blu Photo


(6 Reviews)

AquaClass® guests will enjoy this exclusive restaurant featuring clean, crisp flavors and inventive...

Café Al Bacio Photo

Café Al Bacio

(15 Reviews)

Settle into comfortable seating underneath a stunning glass art installation, and refuel with delici...

Cosmopolitan Restaurant Photo

Cosmopolitan Restaurant

(10 Reviews)

We know our current main dining experience across our fleet is one of the reasons guests sail with u...

Cyprus Restaurant Photo

Cyprus Restaurant

(5 Reviews)

Dear to our hearts, this restaurant represents our Greek heritage. We wanted to create a stunning at...

Eden Cafe Photo

Eden Cafe

(9 Reviews)

Eden Café offers a wide variety of morning beverages and casual culinary bites. Three stories of win...

Fine Cut Steakhouse Photo

Fine Cut Steakhouse

(10 Reviews)

Discover an upscale steak and seafood experience where service is elevated to an art form and a spac...

Grand Plaza Cafe Photo

Grand Plaza Cafe

(3 Reviews)

The Breathtaking Grand Plaza, the place to see and be seen on board Celebrity Edge.

Le Grande Bistro Photo

Le Grande Bistro

(4 Reviews)

Inspired by classic French bistros, the mouthwatering sights, scents, and sounds of a bustling boula...

Luminare at the Retreat Photo

Luminare at the Retreat

(8 Reviews)

Dining on Celebrity Edge is an exclusive affair for Suite Class guests with access to a private rest...

Magic Carpet Restaurant Photo

Magic Carpet Restaurant

(3 Reviews)

The industry-first Magic Carpet is both the best way to take in spectacular views and the most excit...

Mast Grill  Photo

Mast Grill

(6 Reviews)

There’s no better place to sample some hearty fare than on the top deck at the Mast Grill. Enjoy oce...

Normandie Photo


(9 Reviews)

Normandie Restaurant features contemporary French cuisine in a modern, upscale, refined space that e...

Oceanview Cafe Photo

Oceanview Cafe

(18 Reviews)

Featuring sweeping two-story, floor-to-ceiling windows, the Oceanview Café lives up to its name more...

Raw on Five Photo

Raw on Five

(6 Reviews)

Using both raw and refined elements with earth tones, pearlescent accents, and natural textures, we’...

Rooftop Garden Grill  Photo

Rooftop Garden Grill

(7 Reviews)

Enjoy lunch or dine under the stars at the Rooftop Garden Grill, nestled perfectly in its own delici...

Spa Cafe & Juice Bar Photo

Spa Cafe & Juice Bar

(3 Reviews)

After indulging at the spa, grab something fresh and flavorful. You’ll love our creative take on hea...

Tuscan Restaurant Photo

Tuscan Restaurant

(9 Reviews)

In Tuscan Restaurant, guests can savor mouthwatering cuisine inspired by authentic southern Italian...

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