201 Celebrity Edge Tips


Dec 19, 2018

Don't need to eat any specialty restaurant's. Main restaurants are THAT Good.


Jan 02, 2019

We booked our reservations (we were Select Dining) ahead and that helped.


Mar 12, 2019

Be perpared for something new and do not let the changes impact your cruise.


Dec 12, 2018

Expect to pay a premium but it may be worth it. A sister ship is expected in 2020. This ship might change the future of ship designs. If you want to know more look into endoskeloton versus exoskeleton


Dec 16, 2018

When you board the Celebrity Edge, just know this cruise ship is like no other cruside ship you have ever been on. It is loaded with tons of new technology, art, and vibes.


Dec 31, 2018

Do not book with cruises only. Book directly with Celebrity cruises. They came to our rescue and changed our cabin the next day so we would no longer be directly facing the magic carpet.


Jan 20, 2019

Be open minded. It's different and new....... in a good way!


Jan 01, 2019

It's a very different ship maybe because it's new. Be open minded to the new different type of shows, and layout of the ship.


Feb 12, 2019

Go to Eden around 9:30 pm, find a seat not too close to the platform stage, request a drink and be prepared to be entertained.


Mar 11, 2019

Tour the entire ship early in your cruise. So much to see. If you discover it too late you'll kick yourself.


Apr 16, 2019

Book some paid restaurant for added enjoyment


Apr 17, 2019

If you love the idea of a traditional balcony the infinite veranda could be a little dissapointing.


Apr 14, 2019

Not sure about the Edge. Maybe too ‘edgy’ for us. Back to Summit next year


Dec 13, 2018

Beautiful stateroom Fresh modern design. Only negative is the infinity veranda. It is no where near like being in a traditional veranda stateroom


Dec 19, 2018

Food and crew service were out of this world. Top notch cruise ship.


Dec 25, 2018

If you like good food and service, don’t care too much about the quality of entertainmen or activities for kids, this is your ship.


Jan 01, 2019

Expect to carry your phone with you on the ship. Make sure you bring actives an all sundries with you. We could not find a place to buy these types of items on the ship


Jan 03, 2019

Spend some time learning about the ship before you sail. Especially the main dining room experience.

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