272 Westerdam Tips

Jun 20, 2014

Covered pool deck for chilly Alaska trip. Bring your suit!

Jun 27, 2014

Only coke products available, not much selection for dining, if you want to eat the better food you must pay extra. The fruits and salad were not fresh. Be prepared to have everything not bolted down on the ship sold to you. They sell constantly. Including drinks at the crack of dawn.

Sep 05, 2014

The lines weren't too bad, anywhere. You've done a good job in having people leave the ship in a staggered manner.

Dec 20, 2014

Everyone on board is very helpful, considering the age of the majority of passengers on board . My wife and I are late 60s, and weren't ready for all the people in walkers, canes etc., and the habit they seem to have about wanting to be first off the boat, in the buffet line , etc. really annoying !

Sep 28, 2014

Good dining room food but wish there was more variety at the buffet.

Sep 29, 2014

Just go and enjoy the cruise. I guarantee you will have a wonderful time!

Oct 04, 2014

The Lido deck is good. the walking path on deck 3 is really nice and has great views on Alaska cruises.

Nov 07, 2014

The only good place on this ship is the Caneletto Rest. Very professional and GREAT Food. Thank goodness for them.....

Nov 07, 2014

Met so many great people up at Crow's Nest for Happy Hour, really enjoyed that part of the day a lot. Staff was great. Computers a little too slow.

Nov 14, 2014

By the time you know your way around you are leaving the ship

Dec 03, 2014

Excellent tour in Turks and Caicos. Found driver in taxi terminal right behind shops.

Jan 19, 2015

Nice size, not so big that you were always waiting for an elevator.

Feb 25, 2015

All drinks had a 15% tip added to the bill. Loved dressing up for the 8:00 pm dinner. No need to rush back from port or excursions for late dinner seating. Loved going to the late shows and the casino! Great size ship! Not too big to get around!

Mar 31, 2015

The Shore excrusions booked through Holland America for the Dolphin experience was horrible. 9 hours of my day for a 5 minute kiss, finn shake and pet the dolphin....all for $150.00 DON'T BUY IT!!!!

Apr 06, 2016

Great sized ship with just under 2000 passengers, gives you a small ship feel but with all the amenities you could want.

Apr 07, 2015

Some programs were every day and progressed daily; such as the culinary arts kitchen, steel drum lessons, dancing and art history. Start the week off by attending a class and give it a shot. You may end up being able to cook for yourself, get into a reggae band or end up on Dancing With the Stars

Mar 07, 2017

Not an overall well appointed nor attractive ship. Outdated decor. When we first arrived on our cabin floor we smelled a distinct musty odor in the hallway. That cleared once the A/C began pumping and a day into the trip the odor was no longer apparent. But I knew it was masked not gone.

May 03, 2015

Look carefully at the total cost of this cruise PER DAY compared to luxury cruise lines that include free gratuities, free airfare, free internet and other add ons and you will find that you are really paying as much or more than you would pay for a higher level of cruise line when you add it all up

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