272 Westerdam Tips

Aug 09, 2013

Eat in the dining room when possible. More variety and you don't eat too much. You won't feel miserable after eating.

Aug 26, 2013

Library had wonderful view, music and cafe

Aug 30, 2013

I would and have recommended this cruise to others.

Sep 13, 2013

Don't hesitate to "try everything"!!!

Jan 16, 2013

The specialty line on the Lido had the freshest foods for breakfast and lunch. The adult pool was the best.

Nov 09, 2013

Try to get some good sleep as there is so many things to do on the ship and shore you need to be ready for anything! The Lido restraunt was great .

Dec 03, 2013

go for the hambgurgers or sausage on the lido deck best food you will have

Dec 27, 2013

Be prepared to be cool. The ship is kept very air conditioned so a wrap or sweater is required to be comfortable in the various sections of the ship.

Jan 02, 2014

Enjoyed Trivia and other activities offered.

Jan 17, 2014

On this cruise I felt there was mass confusion on the Lido deck for food. there were no lines and people were jumping in and out of stations. They did not have trays to carry your plates so you had to make several trips to get your meal. Best bartenders were on the Lido deck.

Feb 28, 2014

Do go to the Pinnacle special restaurant and also the Canneletto The Italian restaurant. Both excellent

Mar 14, 2014

Try the Pinnacle Grill, it was well worth the extra cost.

Mar 28, 2014

Don't miss tea in the dining room. It is soooo Downton Abbey!

Apr 06, 2014

If you like to try a variety of foods, go to the Lido deck. If you have no particular preference for dinner have open seating. You'll meet many interesting people aboard the ship. If you opt for the hydro thermal pool and heated lounge chairs get the couples deal, and use it daily.

Apr 11, 2014

Room service and/or Lido for breakfast, Lido for lunch, dining room for dinner. Reserve a table near rear of dining room (at window if possible) for great views.

May 23, 2014

Pick another ship to Alaska. There are plenty of other choices. Holland America should be last.

May 28, 2014

Make sure to make your reservations for the Pinnacle Grill and the Canaletto as soon as you settle. They book up fast for popular times, especially the Pinnacle Grill. Do not miss the Crows Next for great views and drinks!

May 31, 2014

The policy on using your laptop was terrible. The service was slow and VERY EXPENSIVE. Avoid it if possible. They seemed out to overcharge for everything.

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