523 Regal Princess Tips


Feb 10, 2016

Make your specialty restaurant reservations as soon as you board and get into your stateroom.


Apr 07, 2016

Ask to attend the Wine Makers Table at your first dinner. Also, you can order bottled water (we had 24) and a canned soda package through room service and keep them in your cabin refrigerator.


Apr 06, 2016

I thought the buffet eating arrangement (which we used for breakfast and lunch) was much better organized than we experienced on other ships. They had separate "alleys" for different eating. One lane for pastry, one lane for sandwiches, and one for carving and hot foods. Created less confusion.


Feb 16, 2016

On this cruise we ate dinner at Sabatini's (5). Crown Grill (1), Seafood Terrace (2), Crab Shack (2), MDR (2). Alfredo's (3). We like this arrangement, if the MDR or another venue doesn't pan out, one has a lot more to choose from.


Feb 17, 2016

Explanation of how to turn on the lights and find the hairdryer would be nice.


Feb 23, 2016

Make your specialty dining reservations upon boarding the ship and I would suggest Anytime dining so you don't miss any evening shows and you can call 8am in the morning and reserve a table as well. We never waited and it was a lot of fun sharing a table so be sure to do that.


Feb 25, 2016

Coffee cards are now usable in the gelatoria. A sundae or 3 scoops of gelato are one punch.


Feb 26, 2016

Reservations for dining, even anytime dining should be made at the beginning of the week. Especially if you like to eat before 6:30.


Feb 27, 2016

If you have never cruised and have pre-purchased a drink package online, be sure there is a sticker on your stateroom card.


Mar 02, 2016

Try to know by the first day what all you want to do and SIGN UP!


Mar 02, 2016

Watch for good sales near the end of the trip. Feel free to ask any staff member any questions at any time.


Mar 09, 2016

I would recommend traditional dining. Heard from some that they had to wait awhile to be seated for "anytime" dining. Early reservations once on board for specialty dining rooms are a must. Same goes for reservations for popular excursions.


Mar 09, 2016

The dining is exceptionally good both in the dining rooms, the specialty restaurants , and the buffet . As well as the hamburger stand, pizza stand, and the ice cream/popcorn stand. You will definetly enjoy every meal (and snacks) and the pastry section is a real treat.


Mar 13, 2016

If you are a person who relishes a good meal in the dining room, forget the Regal Princess, you might as well eat in the buffet. The specialty restaurants are thoroughly forgettable as well. Do not waste your money.


Mar 13, 2016

Ship is very big, so elevators could take a while (too full). But, no problems finding deck chairs for the movies and no waiting for food/drinks.


Mar 13, 2016

Ship is very big, so elevators could take a while (too full). But, no problems finding deck chairs for the movies and no waiting for food/drinks.


Mar 15, 2016

Anytime dining is the best option / Franco the manager of Crown Grille is very friendly and professional in his attention to the diners / JayR and Milos were great waiters in the Symphony dining room


Mar 16, 2016

Pipe all public address info into the staterooms. You might be providing important information that we would miss. Consider providing doughnuts. What a simple, inexpensive pleasure. As you do bait and switch so often, one must find the specialty shop and pay extra for even a simple doughnut.


Mar 18, 2016

Even if you pick "anytime dining" and you want just a table for two you should make a reservation each morning for dinner that evening.


Mar 23, 2016

Get to the theater early to get a good seat.

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