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Feb 12, 2017

Be sure and register early and make your reservations for the shows and any extra dinners.

Jan 02, 2017

Do not sail on the Ovation. You will be disappointed. You will only get to use the I fly once for less than 2 min if at all for the entire cruise. Same goes for bumper cars and the North Star. These are gimmicks not real attractions. Often they are closed or not working at all.

May 26, 2018

Don't go from Hong Kong.The Chinese on board were very rude and pushy

May 16, 2018

Dont do asian cruise unless uou like lots and lots of them and it being all abou them

May 12, 2018

Food not good. Golden Correl is better. Too many passengers. Activities for younger passengers. Pixel show good. Skipped Saigon port and added a beach port-probably because RC wouldn't pay the port fees, they claim Saigon had no room.

May 05, 2018

Not worth the money. Don't use free restaurants, only book all specialty restaurant. Stay away from Isumi restaurant. Instead of this big ship, try Anthem of the Sea

Apr 18, 2018

My first piece of advice would be to attend the Medical Centre as soon as you board & obtain some sea sickness tablets. This way you can access them immediately if you need them. I suffered terribly after the first night & lost a whole day being sick as it took most of the day to feel well enough to even go to the Medical Centre to get the tablets to take.

Mar 18, 2018

On the first day the day spa offers discounted treatments so wait till you are onboard to book

Mar 14, 2018

Book as many activities, Dining etc online before your cruise to save disappointment

Mar 08, 2018

Ensure you book your venues before boarding utilising the Royal IQ app.

Feb 27, 2018

Read Cruise compass every day to get ready for the next day, always plenty to do

Feb 21, 2018

If you like a balcony, pay a little more to get unobstructed balcony. Be careful TOO MUCH SALT in the food everywhere.

Feb 20, 2018

If you want to do the Northstar, Wave Rider or I Fly book them at the start of your cruise. We booked towards the end and because the weather got a bit rough, we were unable to do any of them

Jan 30, 2018

Use the Royal IQ app to plan your days. Also use it to communicate with your travel mates. The calendar section is great.

Jan 10, 2018

Keep control of your children

Jan 05, 2018

There are no irons on board so bring clothes that don't need to be ironed as it is costly to get it done on the ship. You get lots of paperwork everyday so I took some magnets with so we could stick them on the wall of the cabin.

Jan 02, 2018

If you get a loft suite, get one on the corner, three balconies instead of one so you can see the side views and the back view.

Jan 02, 2018

If you get a loft suite, get one on the corner, three balconies instead of one so you can see the side views and the back view.

Jan 01, 2018

If your going to do any on board tours or specialty restaurants pre book as they booked out pretty fast.

Dec 31, 2017

Do the drink package. Was gr8 not to have a bill