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May 27, 2014

If you like sushi or Japanese dishes try the dinning room on deck 12. Good price and good food. Be sure and visit deck 13 just once to get a wonderful view from the top, top deck.


Sep 07, 2014

Popcorn in the Sports Bar, Las Ramblas in Deck 12, hidden gem - tapas bar. Take the train from the airport - quick, convenient and cheaper than shuttles or taxis.


Aug 14, 2015

Moderno was a cool restaurant to visit, unique way of serving or offering "all the menu" as they would bring pieces to your table and you could say yes or decline the meat etc. I've never done that anywhere before, and thought it was a nice way of sampling all the things on the menu!


Apr 26, 2015

Read the reviews and pay attention to what they say especially on cruise critic and research the cruise line you are going to go on and before booking it read the current reviews


Jan 28, 2015

We had our breakfast each morning in the restaurant on the bar side. It was much quieter and so much more pleasant and always seats were available. It was like a hidden gem!


Jan 14, 2015

Our balcony cabin was on deck 8 aft which was a great location. The theatre was on decks 6 & 7 aft and one of the 2 dining halls was on 5 aft. The buffet place was on deck 11 aft, next to the pool area. Instead of riding the elevator, it was a short walk to my preferred places.


Jan 14, 2015

We did not go to any of the "paid" dining venues because we found plenty of variety in the "complimentary" dining areas. We were prepared to, but found it unnecessary. We found the ultimate beverage package that was a bonus to be excellent...but doubt that it would be worth it if you had to pay.


Apr 03, 2013

All the way back on deck 11 was the best place for breakfast. The restaurant to the right of the pool was great for lunch if you like pasta or pizza. A nice surprise.


Apr 24, 2013

The Lido deck was jammed with people getting lunch and it seemed like the buffet was one long line but it wasn't there were different segments offering different types of food but you did not know where on type started and another ended. There was a sense of butting in line even though you were not


Jul 07, 2015

Sport bar staff are excellent


Oct 23, 2013

In the rear of the ship on the Lido deck they had a nice daily lunch buffet, and most of the time it was not crowded, and shaded by large type umbrellas.


Jan 20, 2014

Have at least one meal a day in the complimentary dinning room.


Feb 12, 2014

dont take the ferri in st martain to the beach just as fast to walk


Jul 21, 2014

Get a balcony stateroom... it is a must cruising Alaska!


Sep 04, 2014

Same food served in Seven Sea and Four Seasons. But Seven Sea has short line.


Sep 18, 2014

Try to get a stateroom on the 8th deck, it is convenient to all things on board


Dec 17, 2014

Reserve balcony stateroom amid ship to be in between elevators.


Oct 05, 2014

Leave your TV on at low volume so you can hear the announcements. I could faintly hear through the cabin door, but not clearly enough to understand what was being said.


Nov 08, 2014

Nice variety in buffets, sports bar has great wings


Nov 25, 2014

We enjoyed eating in the Four Season.

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