7 Carnival Spirit Tips


Dec 12, 2011

From MeetOnCruise iPhone App: Some of the best bars on the ship seem to be the ones that have nobody at them when they are open.


Sep 24, 2012

Go to the Serenity Area early , it gets full quick


Oct 12, 2015

This tip is for most ships, have read many posts/reviews saying that it is very hard finding a seat at the Lido deck during Breakfast/Lunch times once they have their food. My tip is look around for a seat FIRST and then you can take your time getting the food and go straight back to your table.


Nov 20, 2017

Book the Nouveau - you won't be sorry with the meal...


Dec 12, 2017

Great up early go get your meals i get up at 5.00am and get my meal at 5.30am nobody around and plenty of tables i have my meal in peace then i go get my deck chair and enjoy the sun


Jan 16, 2020

The ship was okay, but it felt like Carnival does the Wal-Mart style of travel. It’s nice, but not like other CL’s I have traveled with.

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