7 Carnival Spirit Tips


Jan 16, 2020

The ship was okay, but it felt like Carnival does the Wal-Mart style of travel. It’s nice, but not like other CL’s I have traveled with.


Dec 12, 2017

Great up early go get your meals i get up at 5.00am and get my meal at 5.30am nobody around and plenty of tables i have my meal in peace then i go get my deck chair and enjoy the sun


Nov 20, 2017

Book the Nouveau - you won't be sorry with the meal...


Oct 12, 2015

This tip is for most ships, have read many posts/reviews saying that it is very hard finding a seat at the Lido deck during Breakfast/Lunch times once they have their food. My tip is look around for a seat FIRST and then you can take your time getting the food and go straight back to your table.


Sep 24, 2012

Go to the Serenity Area early , it gets full quick


Dec 12, 2011

From MeetOnCruise iPhone App: Some of the best bars on the ship seem to be the ones that have nobody at them when they are open.

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