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Aug 26, 2015

Get your excursions when you book because all the good ones sell out.

Apr 02, 2015

The Hot tubs in the adult pool area are quiet and not busy in the evenings! Grab a free icecream cone by the main pool during the afternoon!

Nov 19, 2013

My tip: go to the sauna and the steam room as much as you can. Both are free and make you feel great.

Apr 08, 2013

Get a balcony on the 7th floor. Perfect location.

Dec 05, 2017

Try the trivia night at the piano bar we had a lot of fun and met a lot of nice people, track around the top deck was a nice moonlight stroll.

Sep 19, 2017

Do not purchase the excursions via Royal. We purchased a 3 hour beach package and only got one hour on the beach and we were located on the second row, not beach front. In Bonaire, there is a vendor that rents souped up golf carts which looked fun. Not sure of the cost.

Jul 25, 2017

Again, my first cruise so all I can say is that ship is huge!!!

Oct 13, 2016

This ship will be renovated with a couple of new restaurants and activities. The additional amenities will definitely make this ship better than ever.

Sep 06, 2016

Great solarium area with hot tubs!

Jul 09, 2016

Huge whirpool in gym area is less crowded than pool whirpools and nice. Use caution booking any interior cabin with window facing the promenade as they do loud parties in promenade that won't let you sleep.

Jun 30, 2016

Don't go to Johnny Rockets near (any port of call) boarding time - it'll be crazy! The whole ship is crowded on sea days. Head to dinner earlier than early if you want to catch an elevator! Build up some endurance to take the stairs often.

Jun 28, 2016

Adult pool packed by 10:00 am - start day early if you want to workout, get breakfast and go to pool. We enjoyed going to the main dining room for breakfast on days we had time. Go to the rock climbing wall and skating rink at the beginning of open climb or skate time - no lines.

Jun 21, 2016

Ask to stay on floor SIX or SEVEN. Breakfast/Lunch is always on deck 11 & dinner is always on deck 3, 4 or 5. If you get stuck with a long elevator wait, you'll want to walk because it's a max of only 4 flights up or down. BTW, we're older & overweight....we're not teenagers. But 4 levels is doable.

Jun 21, 2016

The hot tubs were quiet in the early morning. I worked out in the gym every morning and afternoon so I could eat guilty free. I even came back weighing one pound less because of the gym workouts - and still ate what I wanted. At 54 years old I can't do that at home.

Apr 26, 2016

Don't miss the Mystery Night Dinner! That was fun.

Apr 16, 2016

Just enjoy, great staff nice ship

Jan 20, 2016

Make sure you go to the Promenade and get the pizza and sandwiches; best kept secret on the ship!!!!! Plus the frozen yogurts at the pool are delicious!

Dec 29, 2015

If you put a credit card on file, but then decide to settle your account with case, make sure they don't try to still charge your credit card.

Dec 21, 2015

Find the nearest bathroom outside of your stateroom if you share. To avoid frustration at the elevators, ride them up and then ride them back down so you aren't faced with full elevators when they come to your floor. Ask for ketchup packages before you get your food because they always run out.

Dec 08, 2015

The service went beyond our expectations! We throughly enjoyed dining in the beautifully decorated Strauss dining room.