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by ruthrabie

We signed up for an extended tour and our guide was most disappointing. He tried to crack jokes but they were stupid and not funny and he did not deliver on the extended part of the tour. It was almost as if he was embarrassed to discuss anything Jewish , so he pointed to one item and moved onto the next topic. when we compared notes with the other group, we were even more irritated. Some people went back in the afternoon to visit sites he was meant to take us on, but I had a different excursion.

Visited: Sep 03, 2017

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by pub46361865

Went on the Munich Highlights optional tour. Worst tour we have been on, and we have been on a lot of tours. Lot of drive-by's. Not worth the $199/person tour. Wished we would have gone on the Regensburg included tour.

Visited: Aug 25, 2017

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by PaulC10

Nice walking tour of Reggensburg. Optional excursion to Weltenburg Abbey was overpriced. The tour guide spoke on a microphone in the rotunda of the Abbey, but the poor acoustics and the echo make it all unintelligble to me. The Danube Gorge mini-cruise was very scenic, but much shorter than anticipated, thereby contributing to the feeling that this optional excursion was over-priced.

Visited: Aug 27, 2011

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