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Cannes has an international reputation for glamour - pictures and movie clips of its croisette, its film stars and its grand hotels instantly conjure up an image of style and sophistication. Cannes is much changed from its beginnings as a resort when an English traveller, Lord Brougham, was quarantined there in 1834. Nowadays, the city hosts conventions and festivals all year round - and there's plenty to attract the guests and delegates.

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by mikehorley

What can I say? It's the South of France where the rich live and play. Cannes is a beautiful resort famed for it's annual film festival. When you get to the port take a trip on the little train. It will take you on a trip around the resort and the commentary will give you lots of interesting facts about the place. Once back just take a walk along the sea front. It's great to people watch and see how the other half live. It's people watching paradise. Stroll along the Croisette where you will find all the top designer shops displaying their latest creations. I enjoyed immensely sipping a cocktail on the terrace of Armani Cafe just letting the world drift by. It is well worth a visit and I didn't think overly priced. A great photo opportunity to make those back home wish they were with you. If you are a film fanatic check out the souvenir shop sell all things film. You can't miss it as you walk along the front. Outside the shop you can see hand prints of many of the famous film stars that have visited Cannes. Hopefully this gives you some idea of what to do in Cannes. It's a lovely place to relax on a hectic cruise schedule.

by brendaannolele

We got a shore excursion with AA to see Cannes, Nice, and Monte Carlo. We saw the changing of the guard at Prince Albert's castle. We even got to take a lap around the Grand Prix. This was a great port and an experience we will always cherish.

Visited: May 18, 2016

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by TampaDave

I went on a Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo tour. I am from Florida and was surprised by the beaches at Nice. They bring in all of these pebbles/ I expected white powdery sand like we have, so I was not impressed by the beaches, though the scenery with the hills in the background and architecture were very picturesque. Monaco was beautiful. That's what I really enjoyed about the tour. We were able to go through the church where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier were married and buried. We visited the palace and were just in time for the changing or the guard. Monaco is up on a cliffside and the views of the water and expensive homes and boats were beautiful. In Monte Carlo the Grand Casino was the focus of the visit. Also the expensive automobiles parked out front. The area was being prepared for the Grand Prix and that was interesting to see the sharp turns in person.

Visited: Oct 29, 2017

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by Georgeven

we have been in Cannes several times so we decided to go for the Excursion of the ship to Grasse with a perfume factory visit and to St. Paul de Vence. And again we got a great guide, the visit to the perfume factory: Fragonard; this was very enriching and we could resist and bought two new Eau de Colognes with shower gels... Then we visited St. Paul de Vence and OMG this small hilltop village is just amazing, it breathes art from everywhere. The local artist and small galleries in the very narrow streets, the views from the wall of the town, the small restaurants... once again we learned about the local history with our guide and in the free time we just walked around and decided to have a very French lunch, we found a little place where they make sandwiches, so we bought a baguette with local produced cheese and ham, and sat on the wall and had our small French sandwich picnic there... just beautiful.

Visited: Apr 13, 2019

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