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The most populated city in France after Paris, Marseille has all the sights and sounds of a Mediterranean melting pot, which it has been ever since the Phocaean Greeks invaded around 600 B.C. Its industrial docks rub shoulders with the picturesque old harbor, the Vieux Port, founded by the Greeks 2,600 years ago. Packed with colorful fishing boats and yachts, the Vieux Port is the heart of Marseille.

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Private Cassis and Aix-En-Provence

Private Cassis and Aix-En-Provence


Stroll along the cafe-lined roads of the seaside town of Cassis. Enjoy a delightful small boat cruis...

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Avignon and Wine

Avignon and Wine


Avignon and WineContinuously inhabited since the Stone Age, the city of Avignon became a refuge for...

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Private Guided E-Bike Seaside Tour of Marseille and Notre Dame de La Gard Discover

Private Guided E-Bike Seaside Tour of Marseille and Notre Dame de La Gard Discover


Enjoy two hours of breathtaking views aboard an e-bike as you zoom past historic ports, the Pharo P...

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Private Papal City of Avignon

Private Papal City of Avignon


Private Papal City of Avignon Approximately a 1-hour drive from Marseille traveling north and inlan...

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by Elle133

This is the most inconvenient port. We docked at Terminal A (very far from the city). There's a 1.5km green walkway to the free shuttle stop (to La Joliette - city centre). Walk across the road to the Metro station. We took the free shuttle bus back but it departed only at 4.15pm. So everyone on the bus was late for the 4.30pm all aboard time, making us run for the ship. On hindsight, I would rather take the MSC shuttle (EUR15.90) right in front of the terminal to Marseille town. Rather than walk the 1.5km, then take free shuttle, then metro. Such a waste of time and energy. The 1.5km walk to and fro was just too much. Not recommended for the elderly.

Visited: Dec 18, 2017

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by simah

don't bother with the extortionate cruise bus ticket to the city. Follow the green line and get the free shuttle bus. You can spend the day at the harbour, we went to a big shopping mall and also previously got a 3 wheel car - Masilliacar and toured the city.

Visited: Aug 04, 2019

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