Collect shells on your next cruise, and then turn them into a keepsake when you get home. - Photo by Thelma Elaine / Shutterstock

Don’t want the fun of your cruise to end when you get home? Crafty types need only take a spin around the Pinterest® site for some “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas for what to do with travel memorabilia. Some of these projects require a bit of skill, while others are suitable even for those who can barely cut wrapping paper. Here, the best ones we found to inspire your next post-cruise craft:


Memory Jar

Remember your Caribbean cruise in 3-D with this mantel-worthy keepsake. Pour a base of sand from the craft store into the bottom of a mason or apothecary jar, and arrange your treasures — from shells and sea glass you found to store-bought starfish and surf-side photos — on top.

Difficulty Level: Easy


Postcard Flip-Book

Don’t squash your urge to buy postcards just because you never get around to mailing them — in fact, be sure to get at least one in each port. As you sail away, write yourself a message with the day’s highlights and drop it in the ship’s mailbox. Besides the treat of finding the postcards in the mail later, you’ll have the makings of a flip-book. Get fancy with your binding, or slip the postcards into plastic page protectors in a colorful binder.

Difficulty Level: Easy 


Ticket Pillow

Trust us: You’ll return home with all sorts of tickets. Before tossing them into a box that you’ll never open, or into the trash, consider this project. Pick out the best ones, from a subway or train card to museum tickets, your cabin key card, or entrance stubs from historic sights. Have them blown up at a copy store, and then print them onto a fabric transfer. Iron them onto a pillow cover and voila! You have a cute pillow.

Difficulty Level: Moderate


Map Coasters

You’ll probably return home with a variety of maps, from the ones the ship hands out to larger ones you pick up in port. Choose a map from each of your ports. Then, using old coasters or inexpensive tiles purchased from a home store, adhere the maps to the tiles using outdoor Mod-Podge. (Allow them to cure for a few days before putting them to use). For a more rustic appeal, tear the map edges and leave a border showing.

Difficulty Level: Moderate


Currency Display

Is your carry-on bag jingling with foreign coins? Do you have a stash of colorful bills you didn’t manage to spend? For a fun display, frame a collection of bills, arrange money in a shadow box, or take inspiration from a restaurant in the port of Rostock and cover a table with foreign currency. Then top it with a piece of glass cut to fit.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to difficult

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