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by Elle133

This is the most inconvenient port. We docked at Terminal A (very far from the city). There's a 1.5km green walkway to the free shuttle stop (to La Joliette - city centre). Walk across the road to the Metro station. We took the free shuttle bus back but it departed only at 4.15pm. So everyone on the bus was late for the 4.30pm all aboard time, making us run for the ship. On hindsight, I would rather take the MSC shuttle (EUR15.90) right in front of the terminal to Marseille town. Rather than walk the 1.5km, then take free shuttle, then metro. Such a waste of time and energy. The 1.5km walk to and fro was just too much. Not recommended for the elderly.

Visited: Dec 18, 2017

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by simah

don't bother with the extortionate cruise bus ticket to the city. Follow the green line and get the free shuttle bus. You can spend the day at the harbour, we went to a big shopping mall and also previously got a 3 wheel car - Masilliacar and toured the city.

Visited: Aug 04, 2019

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by mikims58

Did a great tour to the Church on the hill and a tour of the shore line before stopping in town for a nice ice cream and a local beer. City was very clean, traffic not bad, and locals very nice.


by thnkpnk1222

No excursion again. Didn’t know that RC sold tickets to the city center. I tried to get this information for months from them, nothing! Even on board I asked where were were docking, where we were being taken in the city and how close it was to the old port...etc. no answers until the day of. Marseille was good. Took the petit train around and saw the Basilia. Great quick tour of the city well worth it! We did that first to avoid the heat and lines. Only waited 5 mins in line. You can get off at the church and go in. The trains come around every 5 mins to pick you up from there to take you back. There are two lines, only did the one. Walked around, ate, did some shopping! Went to the soap museum which is In Front of where the cruises shuttles drop you off. We even got to make our own soap. Very fun and informative!

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