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Lisbon is many cities, from the cobbled alleys of the Alfama district to the broad Parisian style avenues at its heart. View it all from the heights of St. George's Castle. Belem's Monument to the Discoveries recalls the seafaring past, while nearby Sintra's storybook palaces, and the seaside resort of Caiscais, have different tales to tell.

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The suspension bridge and Christ on the hill as you sail up the estuary is just stunning. The large cruise ships only just fit under this wonderful suspension bridge which is the largest suspension bridge in Europe. The bridge is twin sister to the golden gate bridge in San Francisco.


The ship docked right downtown fortunately. We just walked off, and were right there in the center of everything! Beautiful, exotic city with a long history.

Visited: Oct 09, 2018

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The sail in is brilliant, going under the bridge is great. Lovely city, just nice to walk around, though it is hilly as you go further in to town. Enjoy


Unless your bones are made of titanium do not try the tram. The ship normally docks within walking distance of the city centre, the castle has great panoramic views over the city, all in all a lovely place to visit, the sail under the bridge is not to bother missed, especially when on Indi, you think you'll be hitting the bridge.

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