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by SueMinn

We took a bus tour to see windmills, wooden shoes and Edam cheese. But our guide, Tjeerd, made it a great day, explaining everything and just being personable.

Visited: Jul 07, 2019

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by drano21

Terrible. No communication of how to get to Amsterdam. From time we stepped off boat to setting foot in Amsterdam, 3 hours which included HOT bus and absolutely packed well over capacity. Same as ride home and way too early as we were scared to miss boat. This was first time NCL has made port there, and it was complete disaster. The sentiments after this port were unanimous, awful.

Visited: Jul 07, 2019

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by seashellz

We caught the public bus to Haarlem just had a wonder around. Nothing really interesting to say but it was inexpensive. Problems arose when we got the bus back the driver pulled over half way back & told us all to get off & that was as far as he went. Luckily we weren’t on our own lots of other cruise passengers. We stood waiting for another bus to come along (slightly panicking) but then after 10 mins the driver told us all to get back on & returned is to the port. Very strange

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